Clark County Pharmacy moving to new location

Published 1:27 pm Thursday, September 8, 2016

By Steve Foley,

Clark County Pharmacy has seen considerable growth since the business began 12 years ago.

Nevin Goebel, lead pharmacist and co-owner, said the pharmacy has outgrown its current space at 1520-B Boonesboro Road.

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On Monday, the Clark County Pharmacy will open a new location just down the road at 716 Boone Ave. that Goebel hopes will better serve the pharmacy’s customers and his staff of six full-time and two part-time employees.

“We’ve been getting close to where if we were going to continue to grow, we needed more space,” Goebel said. “We needed to have more service space, more counter space and talking with other people in the community, the building we ultimately bought was for sale, we negotiated with them, came to terms and purchased the property.”

The new building is the former Peoples Exchange Bank branch office located near the intersection of Boone Avenue and Vaught Road. Goebel said it took about three months to complete renovation of the building. JWI Restoration completed most of the work.

“We have it remodeled now and fit up to how we want it,” Goebel said. “We’ll have double the counter space, a nice and larger waiting area and some extra space in our building that we’ll use for whatever we need as time goes on.””

Goebel and his wife Tracey have owned Clark County Pharmacy since 2004, when an office manager working for Dr. Larry Ertel called to inform him Ertel was looking to move to a new location and had room for a pharmacy.

“I was working for a chain pharmacy and doing some relief work where you work for independent owners on their days off,” Goebel said. “I decided I wanted to go out on my own and we had been looking for places to buy or start from scratch but didn’t find anyplace we liked. So we waited to see what would happen.”

Goebel said he and staff at the pharmacy have had a great working relationship with Dr. Ertel, his wife, other physicians and nurses over the past 12 years and they look forward to continuing that relationship.

“As we grew, we got bigger and we thought we had a great opportunity to get a place right down the road,” Goebel said. “It’s a former bank branch, it has a drive-thru which is important because we’re a drive-thru type of society. We just said it was time and hopefully it will help us grow.

“It gives us a lot of opportunity to grow.”

The Clark County Pharmacy will nearly double the amount of space in the pharmacy department and will triple the amount of space for offices, storage, break rooms, bathrooms and counseling.

“It’ll give us a private room for counseling or questioning,” Goebel said. “Right now, it’s a little difficult to do additional services and now we’ll have an extra room for that.”

He’s also talked to the Clark County Health Department about utilizing the extra space in the new location for doing community outreach services such as smoking cessation classes.

“I’d like to utilize that space for community outreach and we have a lot of ideas,” Goebel said.

Goebel said over the years the pharmacy has established quite a few regular customers.

“We can offer for most insurances the same copay and a lot better customer service,” Goebel said. “We get to know people and their names, their pets’ names, what their vehicle looks like when they pull in through the drive-thru. Most people we know by name before they even get to the counter.”

Goebel also said all his staff are local residents, and the pharmacy regularly supports a variety of community groups and efforts.

“We’re members of the Chamber of Commerce and we try to keep as much here, that’s another reason why I think people try us,” Goebel said.

At the new location, parking will be closer to the main entrance and the drive-thru lane will be much easier to get in and out of, Goebel added.

“We’re nearby other stores and people can combine trips to other businesses and other activities,” Goebel said. “It puts us in a good retail location. We’re really excited and I’m confident about the move.”

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