Are silly mistakes cause for concern?

Published 1:38 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Well, I have done it again!

My stupid mistakes are getting more frequent and if I couldn’t find some humor in them somewhere, I would be getting worried.

But the one I did this morning had a flip side and could have been harmful.

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This morning I was running late for breakfast, so when I left my bed, I was in fast mode.

I know my morning routine by heart, so it wasn’t difficult to check off each thing I do before I leave for the dining room.

The very last thing I do before shutting my apartment door is to spray my cologne on my hair, neck and shirt.  My excuse this morning for making a mistake is the light in my bathroom is dim and my eyes don’t work well.  Anyway, running behind, I reached for my White Musk cologne.

What my hand grabbed, however, was the Downy Spray Room Deodorizer. And not only did I have the wrong stuff, but I had the spray nozzle on backwards.  Giving it a substantial squeeze, the room deodorizer, instead of spraying outward into the room, it sprayed right into my face.

For a moment, I was stunned. The spray flooded my eyes in particular. Now, I have pretty advanced Macular Degeneration and one eye is already almost useless, so I try to be extra careful of the other eye, the one that was burning like fire.

I turned on the faucet and began dousing my face and eyes, trying to remove all the chemicals I had just sprayed into my face.

Finally, I made my way to the dining room, quite late, squinty-eyed and silently praying I had not done irreparable damage to my eyes.

You see, one of my table mates, an elderly gentleman, is totally blind. I have learned over the past two years how to help him to eat and drink.

It has been quite sobering to learn how to help him and to see how he has to struggle. To be honest, the first thing that came to mind as that can of chemicals covered my face was my blind friend.

However, after getting it all off and out, I had to laugh at my own ignorance. I mean, my cologne bottle is quite small while the air spray bottle is much bigger and the spray covers a wide area quickly.

Now, wouldn’t you think the minute I held the bottle and before I had squirted anything, I’d have known it was not my cologne?

I should have known if I sprayed that much White Musk on me, my hair would fall out and my neck would break out immediately?

So, do you think I should be worried about myself? Maybe I just need to never be in such a hurry. For sure, I need to realize my eyesight is more important than being right on time for breakfast.

The  view from the mountains is wondrous.