Stone reunion held in Clay City      

Published 11:08 am Monday, October 3, 2016

The annual Stone reunion was held in Clay City on Sunday, Sept. 25, with the following in attendance: Rick Richardson, Indianapolis; Walter Horn, Franklin, Ohio; Doretta Sexton, Brookville, Ohio; Glen Richardson, Franklin, Indiana; James and Rose Stone, Clearwater, Florida; Ray Harris, St. Pete, Florida; Helen and Jeff McDonald, Dayton; and Mike Horn, Dayton. 

Attending from around Kentucky were Alissa, Caleb and Kinley Taylor of Berea, Jim Stone of Lexington, Kristie, Reid and Macie Turner of Waco, Bonnie Stone of Louisville, Bertha J. Wiseman of Winchester, Jamie, Blake, Chase and Myla Wallace of Georgetown, Mike Snelling of Frankfort, Maggie Snowden Banks of Lexington, James and Sue Rogers of Clay City, Misiha, William, Alexis, Specer and Val Brown of Lexington, Mary Poole of Winchester, Michael Stone of Lexington and Allen and Calvetta Stamper of Cynthiana. 

Attending from Irvine were Larry and Pauline Muncie, Raymond and Shurla Cooper, Billy and Christine Cooper, Cale and Carson Wilson, Debra S. Stone, Kathy Puckett, Ann and Carl Blackwell, Donna and Skylar Stone, Marvin and Linda Cooper, Nathan Cooper and family, Lindsey and Josh Rogers, Ann Tipton, Bonnie Stone, Jerry Arnold, Larry Dale Stone and Lydia Friend, Bill Jones, Kerry and Cynthia Townsend. 

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We missed those that were not in attendance for various reason. 

Everyone is encouraged to invite relative and friends to attend next year at the same place and time, the last Sunday of September.