‘Santa’ comes through with Halloween history photos

Published 10:56 am Monday, October 17, 2016

I’ll always remember 2016 as the “Year Santa Claus Came Early,” on Oct. 11, to be exact.

In the words of Luther Heggs, “Let me explain.”

Two weeks ago, in this column, I mentioned Winchester residents’ knack for creating great Halloween displays and wearing excellent costumes, and because of that I felt it would be fun and educational to have some pictures of past Halloweens.

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Last Wednesday, morning when I came to work I found a photography paper box on my desk and in it was (this is where Santa Claus comes in) 31 fabulous Halloween pictures by Winchester Sun photographer emeritus and ace street photographer James Mann.

I spent a very happy afternoon putting them in frames and then displaying them in the library’s reference department.

There are terrific photos of lugubrious seasonal cemeteries, ghosts dancing ring-around-the-glowing-globe, an eerie fog shrouded shot of Beech Springs Market’s Scarecrow Festival, a precocious blonde pumpkin-ette delighted by looming demons at the Leeds and a four year old vampire whose Count Dracula pose makes Bela Lugosi’s look like…well, Luther Heggs. And that ain’t all…

If you love Halloween and want to get inspired for your own costumes and decorations this year, come to the library and take a look at James Mann’s photographs.

Even if you aren’t howling for Halloween, come to the library to see James Mann’s photos.

The other day I saw a meme by Eden Philpots that read, “The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

Well, James Mann’s wits are pretty darn sharp, and the magic he captures in his photos will light up your head.

 As I said, they’re in the Reference Department, so just go through the inner foyer doors and forward.

If you recognize anyone in the pictures, let us know.

Let the people in the pictures know, too.

They’ve become a part of the library’s Halloween archive.

Thanks, James. You got eyes. Bravo!

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— At 2 p.m. Wednesday, Kentucky Picture Show presents the true story of friendship that forever changed mathematics. In 1913, Srinivasa Ramanujan, a self-taught Indian math genius, traveled to Trinity College, Cambridge, where over five years, he forged a bond with his mentor, brilliant and eccentric, G.H. Hardy, and fought against prejudice to reveal his mathematic genius to the world. (2016) Rated PG 13.

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So, who’s Luther Heggs?

The fearless hero of “The Ghost and Mr. Chickens,” a Don Knotts masterpiece.  You can check it out from the library, along with lots of other seasonally spooky films for nights when the wind goes “Woooooooooooo!”