Letters to the editor for Nov. 2, 2016

Published 10:56 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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Family backing Walson

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We endorse Kimberly Blair Walson for Family Court Judge of Clark and Madison counties.

We were facing a family court case and needed representation.

Kim’s name was given to us as someone with experience and professionalism.  Someone who pours her heart into each case and situation she represents.

She worked tirelessly for us in every facet of our case.

She was encouraging through every turn in a lengthy court case.

People in our church and business men and women in our community spoke of and recommended her highly.

Now our family can do the same.

There is no doubt she is qualified in every way to represent Clark and Madison counties as family court judge.

Kim will look at every case, judge with the passion, commitment and integrity for a final decision that is best for the children and families.

Kim’s entire legal career has been in the Family Court system and her qualifications speak for themselves.

We endorse Kimberly Blair Walson without hesitation for family court judge.

Larry and Susan Franklin


Walson went ‘above and beyond’

I am writing to encourage the voters of Madison and Clark counties to go to the polls on Nov. 8 and support Kimberly Blair Walson for family court judge.

This is a very serious judicial position that affects so many families and especially children in your counties. Therefore, it is crucial to have someone extremely qualified like Kimberly Blair Walson who also is very fair and informed and puts the best interests of the family first.

I know this firsthand.

Mrs. Walson has represented me and the interests of my children on several occasions as my attorney when I had to deal not only with a divorce but with reoccurring issues regarding the custody of my children.

These types of issues are never easy on a family. I was very impressed that she has always handled herself and my interests in an extremely professional and conscientious manner. She has always been very willing to listen to any concern I had and always returned any phone call in a timely manner to assist me. I can truly say that I feel she has went “above and beyond” her job to care and help my family.

This is definitely the type of individual that the people of Madison and Clark counties need to represent them in my opinion because I know beyond a doubt that she is more than qualified for the position.  However, it’s her character, fairness and dedication to doing the job in the correct and proper manner that makes her the obvious choice.

So, I urge you once again to support Kimberly Blair Walson on  Tuesday, Nov. 8, to best serve the interests of your families in Madison and Clark counties.

Neal W. Taul   

Mount Sterling 

Cases more than the win for Walson

Judicial candidate Kimberly Blair Walson was my lawyer in a recent divorce and post-decree custody case. I am writing to let others know what a great family court judge she would be. She worked tirelessly on my case, not only by advocating for me but giving me candid, objective advice so our family could achieve the best result, not just “win.”

To she went above and beyond is an understatement. My family flew in from Wyoming the evening before my final hearing. Although Kim was already prepared, she invited us into her home to prepare us as witnesses and allay our fears, late into the night. All of this while she was helping her husband care for his sick mother in their home.

How many lawyers do this? Kim is one of a kind, and would a great family court judge.

I now live in Wyoming with my family and my little girl, who, by the way, is doing great. This relocation was a severe upheaval, but was the right result for my child.

The right result is what Kim wanted us to get all along.

Brynn Cantrell

Casper, Wyoming 

Walson right person for ‘crucial job’

I do not currently reside in either Madison or Clark counties, but have conducted a great deal of business in both. I attended Eastern Kentucky University, served on its Board of Regents, and for years have funded scholarships there.

While I do not have a vested interest in the outcome, I have been watching the current race for family court judge with a great deal of interest. I am writing to cut through the noise and state some important facts.

In my business, I have retained lawyers in both counties. However, when my family was in crisis, the choice to represent me was clear — Kimberly Blair Walson.

I really did my homework, and found a lawyer whose practice was virtually exclusive in helping families and protecting children. Dads sometimes feel the deck is stacked, but after I signed Kim on, I didn’t have to feel that way at all. She was effective, efficient and compassionate. That to her, I am a dad who has sole custody of a little girl who is my world. She is not only safe, but very happy.

I have also done my homework about this race, and would encourage everyone to watch the Clark County Candidate Forum. Kim’s experience and passion just shine through. I have learned that one of her opponents practice very little family law and is not even ethically allowed to handle cases involving children. The other, a write-in candidate, close her law practice last year.

Just like when I was looking for just the right lawyer for a crucial job, the choice is clear. Kimberly Blair Walson is just the right person to be a great family court judge.

Richard Rednour II 

Clay City

Hisle right fit for school board

Scott Hisle’s campaign for school board is based on representation for property owners. He is the candidate with 30 years of experience dealing with budgets and financial analysis. He seeks to bring more balance to a board that needs more interest in giving our citizens a breaks from tax increases over the last several years. It is time for the board of education to use a good public relations decision.

The school system ended the year with a $14 million surplus and still they raised the property tax. It is time for the county to follow the lead of the city commissioner in regard to increases. Vote Scott Hisle on Nov. 8 if you live in any of the following precincts: Becknerville, Boonesboro, Calmes, Sphar or Stonebrook.

L. Gale Fulkerson 


We don’t need another Clinton in the White House 

When Hillary Clinton was First Lady, she visited more than 70 countries during eight years.

Barbara Bush made only one trip outside the U.S. during her four years at the White House.

When the people in the White House put flowers on the tables for the big dinners, if Hillary didn’t like them, she would make them take them off and replace them. She would crush the ones they took off.

When the ones in Benghazi asked for security, Hillary said no, they did not need it.

She was wrong. Four of our men died because of her.

Obama and Hillary let hundreds of terrorist immigrants come in this country and get citizenship. Hundreds of them.

When Bill Clinton was president, he gave or sold a factory from Columbus, Ohio, that made missiles to China.

That must be the reason they got so much money from foreign countries for their foundations.

Bill Clinton traveled to the foreign countries 58 times, some more than once.

Hillary Clinton voted for George Bush to go to war. She didn’t tell the truth about the emails.

Rand Paul says we are borrowing nearly $1 million every minute for this country. This was on TV several years ago about President Clinton giving or selling the missile factory in China.

L.E. Elam 

Clark County