Our view: Hospice is vital to community

Published 12:10 am Sunday, November 6, 2016

Last week was certainly one to remember for Hospice East.

The community organization celebrated several milestones, including commemorating 35 years of service to Clark and Powell counties as well as hosting a record number of attendees at its annual veterans luncheon.

But make no mistake about it, this is truly something the entire community can celebrate, as having irreplaceable organizations like Hospice East serving our families should never be taken for granted.

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Anyone who has needed Hospice knows just how important the services they provide are for families who are dealing with one of life’s most challenging circumstances: losing a loved one.

But Hospice East ensures the end of life doesn’t have to be without dignity, comfort and even joy.

Hearing the stories at Thursday’s open house only drove home further the message that this organization is having a tremendous positive impact in our community.

We applaud those who currently work there and all those who laid the foundation for this milestone anniversary celebration.

This was a nice culmination as earlier in the day, the annual veterans lunch attracted more than 60 people to enjoy free lunch and fellowship, having grown each year since it began in 2013.

Many people misunderstand what hospice organizations do but it can be summed up best in its mission statements.

“It is not giving up hope, but gaining a sense of peace over suffering and pain.”

That is certainly something for which we can all celebrate.

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