Property transfers for Nov. 6, 2016

Published 12:07 am Sunday, November 6, 2016

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Oct. 24-31, 2016.

— Lillian D. Williams estate to Mason D. Williams, Jennifer L. Williams, James D. Williams as trustee and Brian Taylor Moore, lot 57, Royal Oaks, terms of will.

— Michael Honaker and Nena Honaker to William Thomas, lot 18, Mount Abbott addition, $9,000.

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— Nationstar Mortgage, Champion Mortgage, David C. Redmon, United States of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and unknown to Nationstar Mortgage and Champion Mortgage, lots 1-6, Hampton Court, master commissioner sale, $70,000.

— Diane M. Murrell to Charles W. Steele and Pamela  B. Steele, lot 2, Stoney Brook, $225,000.

— Christie Loucinda Jones to Dustin R. McClure and Ashley N. McClure, lot 12, Noble Heights, $128,000.

— Donald A. Wittbrodt to Donald A. Wittbrodt and Jessica Danielle Hughes, lot 56, Colby Hills.

— Wanda W. Wood and Roy Wood to Burton Scott Spicer and Nicole P. Spicer, lot 176, Stoneybrook, $255,450.

— Bank of New York Mellon, US Bank, Tavner Alexander Dunlap, Tavner B. Dunlap estate, unknown and Sarah Jordan Dunlap to Bank of New York Mellon, lots 62 A/B, Colby Terrace, master commissioner sale, $116,667.

— Craig E. Taylor and Carrie Taylor to Scott Keller and Cheryl Keller, tract 3, $230,000.

— Harold Owens to Vernon Shearer and Karen Shearer, parcel 3, New Boonesboro Road, $154,900.

— Gail Swafford and Jimmie E. Swafford to Larry Richardson and Marlena Richardson, property at Goff’s Corner and Trapp, $40,000.

— Scott A. Keller and Cheryl Keller to Christopher J. Boley and Anna D. Boley, lot 19, Green Fields, $180,000.

— Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Amanda Wheeler, lot 35, Westmeade subdivision, $115,000.

— Sheldon Michael Palmer Sr. and Shirley K. Palmer to Roy C. Wood and Juiwanda W. Wood, lot 69, Oak Hill, $180,000.

— Diana D. Jones, Diana D. Stokley and Joseph Lee Jones to Good Things to Come, property on East South Main Street, $95,000.

— Galen J. Hardy and Kayla R. Hardy to James Gatewood Cherry Jr. and Mary Ruth Caldwell, lot 99, Colby Terrace, $126,000.

— Anthony M. Clark and Kathy S. Clark to Cody Commercial Properties, parcel 4, $95,000.

— Michael S. Jacobsen and Laure A. Jacobsen to Paul Douglas Whisman and Tracy Lynn Whisman, lot 18, Fontaine Estates, $237,500.

— Ronald Murrell to Sharon Murrell, lot 2, French Villa, quitclaim.

— Penny S. Tillman, Timothy S. Tillman, James A. Gillaspie, Prudence L. Gillaspie, Donald E. Gillaspie and Karen J. Gillaspie to Jason E. Burden and Rita M. Burden, parcels 4 and 5, Donaldson Road, $230,000.

— Shane Napier and Leah N. Napier to Sherri A. Smart and John Caleb Stotts, tract 2A, Right Angle Road, $156,000.

— Charlotte R. Stanfield to John C. Brooks JR. and Tammy L. Brooks, lot 19, Windridge, $178,000.

— Michael T. Honaker and Nena Honaker to Lisa McIntosh and Gregory McIntosh, lot 4, Shala Mar Estates, $178,000.

— Wayne Helderman and Melissa Halderman to Michael Curtis Payne and Malisha Payne, property on McClure Road, $360,000.

— Pauline D. Barnes to Cody Liggett and Taylor Snowden, lot 27, Saddlebrook, $110,000.

— Masood Kheradmand and Tammy Kheradmand to Carole Lynn Thoele and Randy Thoele, lot 705, Calmes Estates, $176,500.