Trapp School has a new beginning

Published 11:27 am Thursday, November 10, 2016

It was not that long ago that Trapp Elementary School was a bustling place filled with students and teachers that help to make up a school.

The cafeteria workers there knew the kids by heart and Trapp School was like several other county schools — a happy place to be.

Then a sadness went throughout the county when the decision was made that the county elementary schools would be closing and the kids would be bused into town. 

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For many kids and adults alike it did not make any sense. However, times change, and if we like the change or not, we have to adjust.

Some people wondered what would become of their beloved schools. By now, some know. 

Some of the schools have been bought by churches and are once again giving love to others.

I was intrigued to learn that Trapp School had been purchased and was going to be a home for female veterans, along with their children if they were trying to raise their children alone.

At an election officers meeting at the county extension office last week, I listened as Phyllis Abbott and Wanda Martin spoke about the needs of the female veteran. 

I learned women veterans do not feel the need to self-identify like their male counterparts such as wearing the uniform after service or by wearing a military hat as part of their wardrobe. 

In other words, it would be hard for the public to recognize a female veteran.

Another thing noted was women do not usually register as veterans to receive the benefits offered to them as often as male veterans do. Many of these women were sexually abused in the military, have gone through trauma and are in desperate need of care for their physical and mental health. Some of them have gone in and out of shelters since being in the military and need some stability in their life. Some have children who need some stability in their lives also.

This is where the old Trapp School will come in to play. It will soon become a refuge for these ladies.  When everything is set up, it should be able to house 35 women and children. These ladies will be given their own living quarters that they will be in charge of maintaining.

There is a dream it will become self-maintained with a garden to be planted and taken care of by the veterans. This will take care of some of the food expense and will teach them how to grow for themselves. 

The shelter will be having a chili cook off Dec. 3 held at the Elks Lodge, after the Christmas parade, if you are a good chili maker and would like to participate to help this endeavor. Also, cookies, cakes and help serving the chili are needed that night.

Clothes for the ladies in all sizes are needed. Toilet paper, paper towels, dishes, furniture such as beds or end tables,mattresses — anything one would need to begin a home — are needed for this home. Children’s clothes and toys will be needed as well for the kids. Games, books or anything to help out will be appreciated.

If you have things to donate or want more information about this, please call Wanda Martin or Phyllis Abbott at 859-379-8399. Anything donated is a tax deductible gift. You may also schedule tours of the facility. 

These ladies put their lives on hold to fight for our freedom and it is up to us to give back to them in any way we can. There is not one of us who have any way of knowing what they went through during their time in the service. 

However, all of us can do something to help out in getting this shelter up and going in some way or other even if it is with prayer.   

Help Trapp School become a positive place again.