Mind and Body: Ways to skip adding extra holiday pounds

Published 12:15 pm Monday, November 21, 2016

Here are some tips for avoiding extra pounds during the holidays.

— Plan ahead and write healthy meals on your calendar to avoid the unwanted fast food calories that can happen out of convenience.

— Use your planned menus as your grocery shopping list.

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— Slice up fruit and vegetable snacks that are easy to grab out of the fridge, instead of grabbing junk food. Pack these items in your car. A small cooler can be used for warmer weather.

— For parties, go on the lighter side for the items you are going to take. And when you do arrive, choose wisely. Do you really need to sample every item at the party? Remember it is just one meal. Think ahead earlier in the day. Go for a walk to do a “preburn,” eat a light breakfast and lunch in preparation for your dinnertime outing.

— At restaurants, choose more fruits and vegetables and leaner meats. Preferably grilled, not fried. Skip the rolls, especially at the beginning of meal. It is smarter to fill up on salad with fat free or low-fat dressing.

— Drink more water. Avoid drinking your calories that are sometimes known as “empty calories”. Wouldn’t you rather fill up on solid foods that provide substance?

— Walk briskly at the mall. Park your car farther away from the entrance. Start a fitness hobby like, dancing, swimming, bowling or golf.

— Keep food and exercise diaries. This way you can track food that is adding up throughout the day. Conversely, you can track calories that are being burned through exercise.

— Exercise in the morning, eat smaller meals, eat slower and do not skip breakfast.

Article information adapted from www.cdc.gov and submitted by  Amy Williams, MS, RD, LD, Clark County Health Department.