Our View: Let’s reclaim Thanksgiving for families

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Thursday, families will gather around tables filled with huge home cooked meals. Some will say grace and thank God for all they have been blessed with throughout the year. Others will take even more time to go around the table and talk about what they have to be thankful for. And, when dinner has been served, bellies are full and naps have been taken, family time will be disrupted for the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

But, despite it’s name, Black Friday has slowly crept into the late night and now even the early evening hours of Thanksgiving Thursday.

Each year, more and more people rush off from family gatherings to stand in long lines waiting for discounted electronics, wrestle over the newest toy and even trample retail employees to get the hottest deal.

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Sadly, immediately after celebrating all that we have, many trade precious quality time with their families to buy more things.

Black Friday is a great concept. The day began as a way to mark the beginning of the season when most businesses finally move “into the black” or start making a profit because of holiday shopping.

Unfortunately, the day is now moving in on Thursday’s “Turkey Day” territory.

The fact retailers continue to move the start of sales earlier each year over-commercializes the holiday season, which should be about family, spreading joy and caring for others. Consumers are voluntarily spending their Thanksgiving evening in the stores, but what about the retail workers who have to forfeit time with their families? Many have to be to work as early at 4 p.m. to prepare for the rush of consumers and then work late into the night or even early Friday morning.

We believe Thanksgiving is a time that people should have to spend time at home with their families, not being forced to work.

Let’s take Thanksgiving back.