It happened! She made it to 100!

Published 2:40 pm Friday, November 25, 2016

There are days one realizes how quickly life can pass us by. On some days it does not seem that long ago that I was young and in Sunday School and Bible School at the Kiddville Baptist Church.

There are people from that church that are like family to me. We all shared something that it is evident we still feel for one another when we see one another again. Our greetings are filled with warmth and love much like a family would do when they see one another after a while. Memories flow within our mind that are never forgotten of times past.

One of the memories from that church was a lady named Beulah Clay (nee West) Ware. This precious lady turned 100 years old recently. This time last year her daughter Margaret began to dream and pray that she may make it to 100 years old. A celebration for her birthday began to form in her head if that should happen.

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However, in the springtime Beulah’s health went drastically downhill and it looked more like her daughter was going to have to plan for a funeral rather than a birthday celebration.  Fortunately, God and Beulah had other plans.

Oh, what a celebration she had on Sunday, Nov. 20. I watched as this beautiful lady was rolled into the dining room of Ridgeway Nursing Home where she was greeted by close to 200 people wanting to help celebrate her life.

Though she suffers from dementia, it looked like she still knew the celebration was for her as she tried to respond after everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” She looked radiant to me in her bright red top, black slacks and silver hair.

Memories of all she meant to me brought tears to my eyes. Watching her daughter, who is my dear friend, bend to tell her what was going on was precious! Her daughter had worked unbelievably hard to make sure her day was perfect.

I was allowed to only bring a cheese and grape tray to the event. Her daughter Margaret baked every cake for the celebration which included a Texas sheet cake, a jam cake, a pecan fruit cake, a hummingbird cake, two apple stack cakes, a chocolate cake and a checkerboard cake. She made all the mints, and mixed nut dishes.

What really blew my mind the 100 pieces of the cake like the jam cake and Texas sheet cake were dishpan-size cakes. All would melt in your mouth and the visitors raved over her creations. Needless to say she had lots of experience from her life as a caterer. Her Mom would be proud of her as she always was while she was growing up! She knows she is someone very special to her even though her daughter is nameless to her now.

Beulah Clay Ware is still a very loved woman and I would love to hear her beautiful voice sing a song once more, but I am sure she will one day lead a choir in heaven. I feel so blessed that I have known her and felt honored to be asked to help serve yesterday at her celebration. God bless this sweet lady who gave her life serving her Lord throughout her life. She will live on in many hearts forever!