Without a woman to help, how would Santa be on time? 

Published 11:22 am Thursday, December 15, 2016

If you are not aware Christmas is in the air, you must not live in Winchester.

Hopefully, you got to see the Christmas parade Dec. 3. I did not get to go this year since I helped make chili for the fundraiser for the homeless veterans at the Elks lodge.

This project is still in need of support and will continue needing supplies. Hopefully in the early part of the new year it will be open with residents. According to the people in charge, it still has a long way to go.

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I am enjoying seeing the homes that are decorated for Christmas; it gives such a festive look to the town at night.

On Thursday morning, I got to once again went Donna Woodford’s home in Mount Sterling for a Christmas brunch. As I wrote last year, I was enthralled and in awe of the Christmas decorations she has accumulated from around the world. Included are a giraffe, a llama, a polar bear and a short Santa. Of course, all of these are stuffed.

Welcoming guests into her house this year was a team of husky dogs pulling a sled with Santa on the front porch. Throughout the house it is a winter wonderland that brings a smile to one’s face. My friend told me she had been to her home countless times and sees something different every time. I have never seen one home so decorated in my life.

I had grandmother duty in Louisville this past weekend. I got to see my granddaughter Olivia perform at two different places. On Friday night, I was once again going on unknown roads to try and find a huge church on Smyrna Road and get her there on time. As usual, I did not know the route I was to take. Once I thought I was on the wrong road and turned completely around to go back to only find out I was on the right road and had to retrace my way again. I will soon know every road leading in or out of Louisville, if Olivia keeps on performing. I knew Louisville was large, but let me tell you, it is even larger than I thought.

Luckily, I got her there on time and as usual, she did a wonderful job as she sang. All of the little girls in her group did great on all the songs and their program was well-directed. I was also blessed to hear a great saxophone player perform and a young lady who was blind but so talented it was unbelievable. She had written the song she sang and her voice was one of the best voices I have ever heard. All of the songs were Christmas-related — that also helped to get me in the Christmas spirit.

Once again, Olivia reminded me I was not in little bitty Winchester but in Louisville, and to just be cool. Once again, I try not to laugh.

Saturday morning was spent at Baptist Theological Seminary’s Coon Hall, where Olivia sang “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” and I watched another really cute program. Again, I was so proud of my granddaughter and how well she did in both programs.

It was the song on Friday evening that Olivia soloed that has stayed in my mind the most. It is called “How Would Santa Be on Time?”

 It goes, “Without a woman to help him, how would Santa be on time?”

It proceeds to mention several ways Mrs. Claus helps Santa out to get him on time for Christmas. It also told of how Mrs. Claus did not ever get the praise she deserved at Christmas because Santa got it all.

I could not help but think of all the moms who work so hard to get Christmas put together and most dads have no idea how hard most women work for Christmas.  From the shopping to wrapping packages, Christmas card sending, decorating, while still doing their daily jobs and attending countless parties, school events and trying to enjoy Christmas, it is often a stressful time of year.

Dads out there who are reading this, don’t forget to tell “Mrs. Claus” how much you appreciate her. I too believe women do not get the praise they deserve at Christmas time.

 After all, if it wasn’t for Mrs. Claus how would Santa get anywhere on time?