Old Christmas ways still the best

Published 12:10 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

Something Steve Hardy said this morning reminded of me the way Christmas should be remembered. It was the way the adults let the children know that their elders needed respected.

He remarked about the fact that Christmas was not all about the kids back when he grew up. Oh, they were remembered, but when a family dinner was planned, the children were the last to eat. It was the same at my home.

The men got to eat first and got the most respect, as the women waited on them to eat, they usually ate in one room if the home was large enough and were served first, the women ate in another room and the kids ate all together and were served last.

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I do not know how many of you are still around to remember this, but this is exactly how I remember Christmas meals. Maybe it was not like this at your home, but I have a feeling if you speak to others over the age of 55, they may remember the same.

The children accepted the fact they were to respect their elders no matter what. They may not like some of them as much as the others, but they were taught respect. They were not taught that the world centered around them. As a result, they realized how much they loved all of them as they grew older themselves.

The families were so much closer then and as they grew older, they stayed close and loved each other because they remembered all the fun they had as kids learning to play with one another. They still communicate with one another and their is true love there for one another.  We made up our own games, but we had fun! We were not feeling neglected, we just knew when our parents spoke to us, that would be the way it was.

The in-laws felt like brothers and sisters. They were there for each other and there was true comradeship. They looked forward to the get-togethers as much as the kids did. They communicated. You could hear laughter coming from every area of the house — from the men, the women and the kids.

I am not sure when this began to dwindle, but I think it was when women had to become bread winners also and felt they were equal with their husbands.

I see children in today’s world thinking the world centers around them. I watch as parents are talked in to things as their parents can’t say no to them and give in to what ever they ask for.

It seems to get worse each year. Kids ask for things that if bought, would put a huge strain on their family. Yet, they think they deserve whatever they ask for.

Families need to respect one another more in every area, from the elders to the young ones. Let us all try to do that beginning this Christmas and throughout 2017.

I bought a pillow that I find funny, it reads, “Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a nice normal family.” That is all our families in my opinion. Your family is no better than mine or mine better or worse than yours. There is not the normal family in my book, each family is not normal nor is it ever going to be because we are all different people in every family.

It is up to us to enjoy Christmas together as a family.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas!