Clark County property transfers for Jan. 8, 2017

Published 12:32 am Sunday, January 8, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Dec. 19-29, 2016.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Sage Acquisitions to Shannon Dennniston, two tracts on Cook Avenue, $30,000.

— Winchester Retirement Place to David F. Frye and Shirley O. Frye, lot 20B, Winchester Retirement Place, $165,000.

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— Ran Gar Investments to Christie Jones, Jason Seiring and George Ball, tract 2, Jones Nursery Road, $78,000.

— Courtney Pamela Collins, Pamala Hodge and Brandon Collins to Darin Allgood and Laura Allgood, lot 75, Oakmont Villas, $123,500.

— JPMorgan Chase Bank, Terry L. Hatton, Tommy Maiden and Tammy Willoughby to JPMorgan Chase Bank, parcel 3, Highway 15, master commissioner sale, $36,667.

— Ernest L. Banks and Cheryl Ellen Sparks to Heather Swanner, lot 4, Bel Air Heights, $133,500.

— Earlymeade LLC to Gerald N. Johnson, lot 53, Earlymeade subdivision, $39,000.

— Keith A. Wiseman as executor of Gillie Faye Wiseman estate to 4 Woods LLC, Lexington Avenue, $39,700.

— Paul H. Bradley and Kathy A. Bradley to Ronald L. Pike and Micha Pike, lots 13 and 14, Lane addition, $110,000.

— Rebecca Marie Beisker and Levi Beisker to Michiel Deberdt and Hendrica Deberdt, lot 167, Colby Ridge, $130,000.

— Richard Scott Mitchell as executor of Claris Elaine Mitchell estate to Robert C. Mercer II and Kelsey Mercer, lot 7, Lyndale subdivision, $110,000.

— Pamela Abbot Vanicek, William Vanicek, James Bradford Abbott and Philip Bruce Abbott to Julia G. Walz, Boonesboro Road, $199,000.

— Stanley M. Cecil and Sheila K. Cecil to Verna Gould, lot 92, Stoneybrook, $238,000.

— David S. Gibson and Lindsay M. Gibson to Jimpy Thacker and Edith Thacker, lot 52, Fort Estill, $100,000.

— Gerardo Julio Gallegos and Zeena Gallegos to Jacqueline Jne Kohl Hamilton, Powe Drive, $7,000.

— Wilmer Osborne to Fed Men LLC, East Broadway, $35,000.

— Quicken Loans, Benjamin A. Pratt, Kelly M. Pratt and Kentucky Housing Corp. to Quicken Loans Inc., lot 3, Hall Place, master commissioner sale, $65,000.

— Alert Oil and Gas Inc. to Joshua Akers and Mallory A. Akers, two tracts, $525,000.

— Blanche Ross to James Michael Wren, two parcels at Ford, $10,000.

— Rymond C. Bush and Jean M. Bush to Chrsitine Combs, Carolyn J. Baber, Betty Hartgrove, Bonnie Hummel, Peggy Gabbard, Lewis Tipton and Steven Tipton, lot 77, Indian Hills, love and affection.

— Kondaur Capital Corp. to Lydia Moore, lot 7, Holliday Hills, $92,000.

— Michael Eugene Hensley and Mary Jane Hensley to Mary E. Hensley, lots 15 and 16, Lane Addition, love and affection.

— Chris A. Colley and April Colley to Eric B. Rossi and Shannon G. Rossi, parcel A, Ecton Road, $20,000.

— Wells Fargo Bank, Chorya L. Dual, Christie M. Dual and Commonwealth of Kentucky to Wells Fargo Bank, two properties, Colby Ridge, master commissioner sale, $61,334.

— Todd Lucas and Montrina Lucas to Todd Lucas, lot 10C, Big Stoner Road, quitclaim.

— Carol Sue Ray as executor of Amelia G. Kimbrell estate to David W. Woosley, lots 10-12, Finley addition, $35,000.

— Taylor Noble and Juanita Noble to Chris S. King and Sherri M. King, parcel 4, West Lexington Ave., $250,000.

— Bradley Place Inc. to Darrell W. Blankenship Jr., West Broadway, $75,000.

— Christina Richmond to Kenny Richmond, parcel 2B, Pretty Run Road.

— Ralph J. Palmer and Nan Taylor Palmer to Randall S. Palmer, lots 33A-B, Scottish Highlands, love and affection.

— W. Patrick Arvin and Tania L. Arvin to Carol D. Schochler, lot 14, Saddlebrook, $116,000.

— Charles J. Inskeep to Patricia R. Rainey, lot 173R, Royal Oaks, $137,000.

— RJP Properties LLC to Timothy R. Crowe and Danyelle E. Crowe, parcel 1, $188,700.

— Thomas R. Goebel and Annette M. Goebel to Lexington Avenue Holdings Co., property on South Main, $46,000.

— David C. Wills to Donald Jason Woosley, lots 51-52, Victory Heights, $45,000.

— Timothy Gayheart and Lori Jane Gayheart to Anthony Gayheart, prcel 2, deed of exchange.

— Douglas Oliver and Carol L. Oliver to Douglas Oliver and Carol L. Oliver, two tracts, love and affection.

— Douglas Oliver and Carol L. Oliver to Amy Dykes Oliver, tract 1A, Reservoir Lane, love and affection.

— Homes by Reckelhoff to Jeffrey Tapp and Barbara Tapp, lots 1/1A, Fairholme Estates, $299,000.

— Judy Ann Huls Singleton to Sunrise Childrens Services Inc., Stoner Creek Pike, quickclaim.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kenneth Moore and Nancy Moore, lot 3, Morning View, $39,900.

— James Kevin Littrell and Cathering J. Littrell to J Mac Homes, various properties, $355,000.

— Diana C. Littrell and Linden Lyle Masters to J Mac Homes, various properties, $245,000.

— Earlymeade LLC to LER Enterprises, lot 56, Earlymeade subdivision, $39,000.

— David Cantrell and Valerie Cantrell to Ttum Desha Lewis, Seventh Street, $150,000.

— FCL Inc. to John Hurter Inc., parcel 2A, Kentucky 627, $97,900.