Our View: Thanks to our ‘behind-the-scenes’ workers

Published 12:43 am Sunday, January 8, 2017

While most of us were still sound asleep in the early hours of Friday morning, some of the county’s most valuable assets were already out in full force.

Our city and county road crews were out as early as 3 a.m. Friday salting and plowing roads so they were safe and passable by time for many in the county to get out and about.

These crews battled frigid temperatures and dangerous roads so we don’t have to. Thankfully Friday’s storm didn’t offer up the three inches forecasted, but roads were still slick and conditions were less than optimal.

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Every year when winter weather hits, we count on these “behind the scenes” crews to make our county run. And they’re not the only ones.

Think for a second about all the people who work to keep our city and county running smoothly and in good shape throughout the year.

Just as our snow-covered roads need to be cleared, downed power lines need repaired and burst water mains need to be fixed. Besides these emergency situations, we are lucky enough to have people who keep our parks clean, our leaves off the streets and our public buildings presentable.

These are often thankless jobs, but we want to take the opportunity to thank the men and women, whether mentioned here or not, who keep Clark County running.

Can you imagine what our county would be like without these people?

From our emergency responders and our elected officials, to our city and county employees and the utilities companies, thanks for all you do to make Winchester and Clark County a great place to live.