Letters to the Editor for Feb. 2, 2017

Published 9:42 am Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Sen. Mitch McConnell too busy to answer constituents?

I find it distressful that Kentucky’s U.S. Sen. McConnell does not clear his voicemail because when I call to leave a message, it only says it is full.

I have sent several emails to The Honorable Senator McConnell and to the The Honorable Senator Paul.

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Senator Paul has a voicemail that does not say it is full and he responds with an email acknowledging my email.

Senator McConnell does not respond in any way. Maybe it is time he moves on to a new career if he no longer cares about the average constituent.

Senator Paul’s office has actually contacted me for additional feedback. It is difficult to be a Senator but he represents my county and my state and should behave as if this matters.

Marty Stevens


Sad for loss of YMCA, walking trail

I am so sorry the YMCA property is to be auctioned later this month. I also regret that Calvary Christian Church has put its property up for sale. I have enjoyed so much their walking trail that they have allowed the public (and our dogs) to use the last few years. Either or both of these properties would be a great addition to our parks and recreation areas for Winchester and Clark County. A big thank you to the congregation at Calvary Christian Church for allowing the public access and for keeping the trails mowed. Wallee and I will miss walking there.

Terry Christopher