Letters to the Editor for Feb. 9, 2017

Published 8:14 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pleased with changes in the Sun 

Several new features have added to my pleasure in reading the Sun. The editor tells the reader about important activities such as a needle exchange program or the remodeling of an important building, why it is important and what to look for in the future. A second new feature shows us names and faces of people around town that we’ve seen but don’t know. The snippets about their work and interests might be expanded a bit. Stories about new businesses are informative and almost anything going on in town is reported if organizations take advantage of the Sun. Articles about Paducah and Danville used as fillers have been reduced.

Local and state officials are often telling us what they are doing and why, and if people have differing views, they are encouraged to use letters to the editor. Local TV news gives us fires, crime, weather and auto accidents. By reading the Sun, I get that but a lot more which influences how I spend my time and money. If we want something in addition to the paper, we can call the editor or write it up ourselves. The staff does its best to serve us. It we want more, we can probably make the paper even more useful.

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Gordon Liddle