Letters to the Editor for Feb. 14, 2017

Published 8:03 am Tuesday, February 14, 2017

 Glad to see addresses in property transfers

Kudos to the Winchester Sun for publishing the physical addresses of the property transfers. Thank you!

Robert G. Blanton

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Church, state should remain separate

Will we have a Kentucky Theocracy? It would seem we will if your Kentucky Republican dominated government has its way. There is a bill flying through your state government that will allow among other things the Bible to be taught in public schools. SB 278 says, when you put it in simple language, in no uncertain terms that the bible will be taught in your taxpayer funded, government supported, public schools.

Therefore, it would seem that Separation of Church and State laws no longer need be followed in the Republican state of Kentucky. If you are a Bible-believing Christian, this may seem to you like a good thing. “It’s about time” you may even be saying!

Isn’t this a good thing? No, it is most definitely not good at all. Let’s think this through shall we?

First and foremost, if the Christian Bible is taught in our public schools, then books from other religions must be taught as well. Although Kentucky’s Christians are the largest religious group in our state, it is not the only religion. We are a state with many religions. If our state government chooses to teach the Bible in our schools, then the Muslim’s Koran must be taught as well. Not to mention the Torah from Judaism, the Tripitaka from Buddhism and the Bhadavad-Gita from the Hindu religion. And of course there actually are parents of school children that are atheists and agnostics. We will need books from those beliefs as well. Do you begin to see the problems? Do you see the flood gates opening?

If you are a Christian reading this and the chances are good that you are, let’s use our imagination and reverse Kentucky reality for a minute. We are going to be empathetic of another religion. Imagine if you will that the Muslim government of Kentucky has passed a law that requires that the Koran and only the Koran will be taught in Kentucky schools. What you have just done is to begin to understand how the Muslim parent must feel about this Bible bill. Or name your religion and put yourself in the parents place, even, yes in the students place trying to find his or her footing in life.

There are very good reasons why the Founding Fathers of our country believed in the Separation of Church and State.

Philip Greer

formerly of Winchester