Down the Lane: Looking for a little respect in the US

Published 8:05 am Thursday, February 23, 2017

By Sue Staton

Sun columnist

If you lived in America on Election Day in 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected president. For some people that made them very happy. For some it made them very unhappy.

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Whatever way it made you feel a decision was made that we all need to live by.

I have been so disheartened by the media and seeing coverage of people across America in the streets who have signs that read, “Not Our President.”

Yes, he is your president and it is time you started trying to be a good citizen and see what you can do to do good in America.

I sometimes have to admit I have felt, like others who have said, those who can’t should leave the U.S. We do not need chaos in our streets.

I have been very unhappy with the way the former president handled things, but I knew he was the president and I had to accept it whether I liked it or not.

Donald J. Trump has to have a huge love in his heart for America to have given up his lifestyle of luxury to take on the job of president of the United States of America. He did not need that job for money or for fame, he had both of those.

There are times I have not always agreed with his tactics of handling certain things, but I have great respect for him. The thing I admire most about him is he is his own man and does not let anyone run him like a puppet.

He has a beautiful, intelligent wife who I am sure knew her life would be changed drastically but accepted it gracefully. It was a shame to think someone made fun of her saying “The Lord’s Prayer.” I thank God she did.

I have never seen any president trying to stay to his promises more than he has. I truly believe he wants what is best for America as a whole. I feel he needs more respect shown to him.

As an American citizen, I think what the other countries of the world must think when they see the ignorance of the people on our streets carrying those “Not Our President” signs.

If I could change anything in America, it would be how the lack of respect for others has deteriorated in our country. I believe Trump does have that respect for others, but he will not give in to their disrespect and I feel he does care about the safety of all Americans. I think he looks out for the long-term benefits for us.

America, it is not right to do a president the way our new president has been treated. He is tough enough to withstand it, but you are hurting all other Americans by acting disrespectfully.

Please get busy to see what you can do for America to make it a better place instead of causing problems in the streets.