Library offers much more than books  

Published 10:06 am Thursday, March 2, 2017

On Wednesday, the Clark County Public Library began distributing packets of seeds to cardholders through its seed library.

The seed library is in its third year and offers more than 130 varieties of seeds each year, with about 12,000 being distributed annually.

Clark County partners with Madison and Bourbon counties — which also offer seed libraries — to purchase seeds in bulk for distribution.

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In Clark County, the purchase is made with money from the library’s annual plant sale, making the cost a wash while still offering the service to the community.

At face value, the library seems like a place to check out books, maybe use some computers, even do a little local research and if you’re lucky, check out some DVDs over the weekend.

But, so much more happens at our local library, and the seed library is just one example of the many ways the library serves the community.

The library offers help with things like job searching and genealogy research. Several computer literacy classes are offered such as using the Internet or email.

The library is host to a variety of community groups, including local writers, history buffs, puzzle lovers, coloring enthusiasts and book clubbers.

You can also regularly find art, photography, collectibles, and historical pieces on display.

Need to exercise your body? You can even find yoga sessions at the library.

And in the summer, the adult and children’s reading programs provide a series of special events focused on encouraging reading and literacy.

To think that the library would also “check out” seeds could seem strange on the surface, but when you think about all the library has to offer, the concept just fits.

We encourage you to check out the seed library this spring and, while you’re there, check out all the other things the library has to offer.

Our tax dollars fund this vibrant and vital community center. We hope everyone takes advantage of it.