Becoming the mother of a senior citizen

Published 11:15 am Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In everyone’s life, there are special moments we want to celebrate. It can be through a loving telephone call, a surprise visit, a full-blown party or a dinner out.

Yesterday I had such a moment. My son Clarke, his wife Becca and I went to the Golden Corral to honor Clarke’s 61st birthday.

But it turned out to be more than that.

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When we came through the line to pay, the cashier said, “That will be two seniors and one regular.”

We looked at each other. I could have sworn I was the only senior when we came in.

I looked at Clarke’s face and it looked funny and a bit puzzled, for a few moments.

Then the reality spread across his face. It read, “Oh my god, it’s me. She’s talking about me.” Then to the cashier, he said rather loudly, “You mean I get a senior discount?”

Becca started laughing and so did Clarke and I. What a milestone!

Becca whipped out her trusty phone-camera and started taking pictures of her husband at 61.

I, however, was slowly realizing that if Clarke is now 61, that makes me the mother of a 61-year-old kid (um, man) and that did not seem too funny to me.

But being the kind, sweet, generous lady that I am, I did not want to ruin the atmosphere so I said nothing.

Aside from the fact that it dates me, it also makes me look at him with such pride. I love the fact he has always been true to his beliefs and passionate about what and who he loves.

He has a tender heart which extends to animals, and I love to watch him with his own dogs, cats and horses. There is a deep connection between them I believe was born in him.

The thing I hold most dear about my son is how he “gets me.”

I am a bit out of the box and so is he. He truly does march to a different drummer, and so do I.

Yesterday, we celebrated the first time Clarke ate in a restaurant with a senior discount. That even included a free drink. Did you know that? Normally, you pay extra for a drink.

I wonder why restaurants throw in a free drink to seniors? Maybe it’s because we seniors need to drink a ton of water to keep things working. Could that be it? I’m just saying.

We had a blast that day, and we left with me mulling about no longer being the only senior family member. I could not be more proud.

The view from the mountains is wondrous.