‘The Challenge’ is challenging

Published 11:34 am Thursday, March 9, 2017

Each year when I read in the paper there is going to be sign ups for the Clark County Wellness Challenge, I think for a short while I may sign up.

Like I said, it is only for a short while, and for some reason, the time to sign up comes and goes and I fail to sign up.

This is usually because I knew if I ever did, it was going to take some commitment.

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Well, this year I decided I was going to take the leap. After all, I have always done better when I have had to compete for something. It seems I will try harder in these types of situations.

So, off to College Park Gym I went and signed my name on the sheet to begin my journey in the challenge.

My daughter’s friend was the one to record my weight that first day. I threatened her with her life if she told my daughter what her mom weighed.

Then, I diligently went up stairs and walked my two miles. Not only did I walk that day, but every day except one for the first week. I also drank more water than normal.

Feeling really proud of myself, the next week when it came weigh-in time, I hopped up on the scales expecting to see a loss of about three or four pounds or more.

I must say shock was not the best word to describe the look on my face when I saw what the scales read. It couldn’t be true! I had gained two pounds.

I was told it probably was muscle-related and the next week it would probably show up. Accepting this as a fact and deciding not to give up, I went back to work for the next week. I even added another program and went to yoga with my daughter.

This past week I again hopped on the scale expecting to be excited about my weight loss.

Again, I was shocked only to find out that I was another pound and a half heavier than I was the past week. Again, I was told muscle weighed more than fat.

I am sure this would cause a lot of people to give up.

I would have too, except I am in this to win something even if it isn’t a prize at the end.

I have not sweated for three weeks and walked in pain for it to have been done in vain.

The end of this challenge will be in May and I am determined that the next time I stand on their scale, I will have lost those three pounds.

I have refilled my water bottle supply and I am changing some menus at the house. Some way or another this challenge is going to work for me.

If I sound a little testy when you see me, you will understand that I am hungry and weak but you better not start anything with me because I have built lots of muscles — or I better have — so I will be pretty strong.

I will report back in May and if something unforeseen happens — like if I lose a pound or two — I may shout it to the world or I may look like a strong man if I keep gaining muscle.

Like I said, the challenge is challenging!