Property transfers for March 18-19, 2017

Published 9:52 am Saturday, March 18, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office March 6-11, 2017.

— Pamela K. Tolson to Tolson Family Dynasty Trust, 375 Calmes Blvd., love and affection.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy J. Homes, 11 Holly Ave., $30,000.

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— US Bank, Bobby R. Sowell and Capital One Bank to US Bank, 1854 Ecton Road, master commissioner sale, $112,331.

— James W. Blevins to Katherine Joy Ellington, 580 Lisletown Lane, love and affection.

— James W. Blevins to Katherine Joy Ellington, 450 Lisletown Lane, love and affection.

— M. Carolyn Tuttle to Marcus Shane Wiseman and Stephanie Nicole Wiseman, 1296 Morris Road, $140,000.

— Mark S. Geiser and Marlene L. Geiser to Casey Whisman and James B. Whisman, 116 Hibiscus Lane, $240,000.

— US Bank, Linda S. Estep, unknown and University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union to US Bank, 314, Hanover Drive, master commissioner sale, $93,334.

— YMCA of Winchester to Winchester Federal Bank, 645 and 675 Westmeade Drive.

— Brian Brashear and Jana L. Brashear to Rodney Whitlock and Kennifer Elrod, 319 Silverton Way, $108,000.

— Bradley E. Turner to Christy A. Turner, 213 Hibiscus Lane, decree of dissolution.

— Haley Investments and Creative Renovations to Desiree N. Taulbee, 11 Cherokee Court, $139,000.

— David A. Sidwell and Angela L. Sidwell to John T. Tubbs II and Sandra L. Tubbs, 109 Powe Drive, $161,500.

— Kenneth Paul Griffith to Kimberly C. Griffith and Lloyd R. Griffith, 152 Magnolia St., love and affection.

— Jason Kiser and Megan Kiser to Freddy Hicks, 34 7th St., $75,000.

— Brian W. Landwehr and Jessica Landwehr to Nathaniel D. Chapman and Ashley N. Chapman, 508 Hewlett Court, $198,000.

— Winchester Federal Bank to Gary Wayne Goodpaster and Marlene Frances Goodpaster, 408 Calmes Blvd., $105,000.

— Anne C. Reynolds to Eric Thomas Reynolds and Leslie Orville Reynolds as trustees of Reynolds Family Trust, 5230 and 5290 Athens Boonesboro Road.

— Sherry M. Stanfield and James T. Stanfield to Sherry M. Stanfield and James T. Stanfield, 600 Oil Springs Road, survivorship.

— Danny R. Savage to Teresa L. Cowan, 213 Delaplain Road, love and affection.

— Kentucky Housing Corporation, Ryan Williams and Stacy Perry to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 411 Colby Ridge Blvd., master commissioner sale, $83,660.

— PNC Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1288 Donaldson Road, quitclaim.

— Arnold Taulbee II and Jessica Taulbee to Scott Seitz and Kelly A. Seitz, 1044 Big Stoner Road, $39,000.

— Eric Rose and Ashley Rose to Michael Keffer and Susan Keffer, 104 Teal Lane, $305,000.

— BECE Investments to Ralph Day, 136 E. Broadway St., $72,600.

— Michael Keffer and Susan Keffer to Mary T. Yeiser, Mallard Place, $249,090.

— Mary Beth Hendricks to Douglas H. Davis and Maura M. Davis, 22 Stoneybrook Drive, $349,000.

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Feb. 27 through March 4, 2017.

— Michael Schommer and Anita Schommer to Dustin A. Conn, 226 White-Conkwright Road, $145,000.

— Quicken Loans to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 47 Buckner St.

— Martha W. Thomas to Stanley D. Davis Jr. and Sharon G. Davis, Boonesboro Road, $218,300.

— Cindi Lynn Haggard to Roy Don Haggard III, 3425 Dry Fork Road, property settlement.

— US Bank to Miguel Belles and Belles Family Trust, 19 Third St., $35,500.

— Jane Houston, Sarah H. McCready Boston and Louise F. McCready Hart as trustees of Richard F. McCready Jr. marital trust to Matt Debord and Lalola Debord, 915 Little Stoner Road, $33,000.

— Diane Wood to Frank Wood and Diane Wood, 405 Lyon Drive, love and affection.

— Ronald D. McCarty Jr. and Mary V. McCarty to Daniel B. Stamps and Jessica Stamps, 1175 Wades Mill Road, $48,000.

— Edwin E. Bennett to Steve W. Eubank and Vicki S. Eubank, 10 Nunnelly Court, $60,000.

— Arman Yusuf and Katharine Ann Yusuf to John S. Colby and Nellie M. Colby, 239 Runnymeade Drive, $282,000.

— HPW Properties to Donald Stanley Jr. and Doris B. Stanley, 128 College St., $10,000.

— Karen Ann Brinegar and Ricky Brinegar to Karen Ann Brinegar and Ricky Brinegar, 6060 Muddy Creek Road, 280 Carla Lane and 1720 Red River Road, survivorship.

— Stanley D. Davis Jr. and Sharon G. Davis to Christopher S. Brassfield and April L. Brassfiend, 316 Foxglove Lane, $199,900.

— Larry David Walters, Andy Michael Walters and Tammy D. Outlaw as executors of Gracie C. Walters estate to Mark David Culton and Haley Rae Culton, 505 Colby Road, $115,000.

— Marcus Parrish, Morgan Parrish, Teresa McGraner and Sam McGraner to Franklin Avenue Church of the Living God, 115 Franklin Ave., $50,000.

— Sandra J. Scott to Gary S. Sumpter, 2963 Dry Fork Road, $89,000.

— Dwayne Christopher and Jodi Miller Christopher to Joseph Griffett, 48 Rowland Ave., $60,900.

— Kentucky Bank to Lexington and Maple LLC, 24 W. Lexington Ave., $2,270,000.

— David Frye and Shirley Frye to Anthony David Frye and Catherine Ann Frye, 725 Colby Road, love and affection.

— Mary Janice Corum to Michael S. Hamilton and Jennifer W. Hamilton, 3797 Basin Springs Road, $133,000.

— April Lynn Brassfield and Christopher Scott Brassfield to Charles Ladd Jr., Oakmont Villas, $145,000.

— Charles Edward Ladd Jr., Kimberly Lynn Jones and Kimberly L. Ladd to Frank M. Daugherty and Lisa M. Daugherty, 3 Fair Ave., $127,000.

— Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Arshad Hussain, 8 Nelson Ave., $44,000.

— John S. Cobb and Nellie M. Cobb to Willard Short and Bertha Rose Short, 106 Augusta Drive, $412,500.

— Danny Hopper, Darlene Hopper and Ricky Nilhas to Deutsche Bank National Trust, 70 Melbourne St., in lieu of foreclosure.

— Darin A. DeShane and Christy L. DeShane to Raymond C. Parker and Doris J. Parker, 203 Steve Circle, $211,000.

— William C. Taylor and Barbara C. Taylor to Christy L. DeShane, 803 Stacey Drive, $110,000.

— Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Taylor Arnett III and Stephanie Arnett, 2430 Irvine Road, $28,900.

— Tabony Ky. Cabin Rentals to Toulmin D. Hubbard, 161 Coffee Springs Lane, $27,000.

— Dora Gipson to Richard Lee Sellers, 224 Third St., $5,000.

— Bertha Noble and Mitchell E. Noble to Arnold Noble, 2670 Muddy Creek Road, love and affection.

— Wilma Desi to David W. Baldwin and Christie L. Baldwin, 212 Arrowhead Lane, $96,000.

— Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Donald Riddell and Diane Riddell, 1333 Jackson Ferry Road, $53,000.

— Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Michael Hopper, 420 Verna Drive, $105,000.