Letters to the editor for March 28, 2017

Published 10:46 am Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Guerrants have earned utmost gratitude 

I loved reading the article on the Guerrant Family, as they have always been close to my heart, because I was born in 1969 at the Clinic while it was still a hospital, with Wallace’s father, Dr. Edward Guerrant as the attending physician.

Dr. Guerrant, or Dr. “Eddie” as he loved his patients to call him, remained our family doctor until his retirement in the 1980s. So many good memories as a child in the clinic, nurses Olive Lee and Barbara were wonderful people whom calmed my nerves so many times over receiving shots and made my experiences in the clinic wonderful.

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Of course when Dr. Guerrant would come into the room to examine me, his bedside manner was wonderful to me from the time I was born until the last time he examined me for a school physical when I was in high school.

One lasting memory Dr. Guerrant left with our family was in 1985. When my grandfather, JB Abner, succumbed to prostate cancer, Dr. Guerrant stayed in the waiting room until the middle of the night with our family, even leading us in prayer and comforting our broken hearts in time of death.

I cannot say enough good about the Guerrant family and the lasting impressions they all have made for so many generations in this community, expanding well beyond the medical field in their desire to help the less fortunate as pointed out in the article.

Winchester has certainly become a better town with the footprint the wonderful Guerrant family has left and continues to leave with us. God truly blessed us so many years ago when this family began it’s mission here.

Thanks to The Winchester Sun for recognizing this family. They truly have earned and deserve our utmost gratitude.

Robert L. Abner


Anger in the streets

Isaiah 65:25 says “The wolf and the Lamb shall not graze together.” Where is the reasoning of our leaders?

Don’t measure life by anger that flows down city streets;

Teeth that grind and fist up raised  cursing people that they meet.

Lawlessness and destruction  is the nature of the beast;

Rebelling with no solution, a mind that has no peace.

Truth is made to be wrong  and wrong seems to be right;

Deception seems to be the rule, while sanity seem to be quite.

These lost children of rebellion need guidance from the Lord;

They need help to fight life’s demons so love for God can be restored.

Gatewood Woosley


Newspapers are not the enemy 

I recently read your article, “Newspapers are not the enemy,” which appeared in the Times-Leader of Princeton, Kentucky, on Wednesday, March 15. It was an excellent piece, which explained the necessity for a free press to insure the protections of our freedoms. It comes at a time when there are attempts to hinder our freedoms by irresponsible rhetoric from the highest office holders in our country.

Thank you so much for your very important and timely article.

Kenneth Lewis 

Princeton, Ky.