Letter to the editor for April 12, 2017

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Collins often inserts incorrect information

Mr. Collins, I read your columns consistently and always find them interesting.

However, I also am concerned that you occasionally insert information that is not entirely correct, as you did when implying that non-citizens can vote in national elections. Thank you for clarifying that in your subsequent column.

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In your last column, you cited several documents that contain references to God, to make your point about this being a nation based on a belief in a supreme being.

I don’t think that citing the Treaty of Paris does much to help your point since that document was not designed to further the development of the nation, but to end a war.

But, most importantly, you noted that God is mentioned in the Constitution. The only reference I could find in the Constitution to a supreme being was one line which noted “the year of our Lord” and was there to designate the period when an article was to take effect. Perhaps you have found other such references in that document which I overlooked.

You also mentioned the Federalist Papers. I have not read them. They are too numerous to consume without devoting at least a fortnight to the task, so perhaps mention of God is contained in them somewhere. Again, if you know of a specific Paper, I would be pleased to be so informed.

Finally, you might have been more secure in your citing had you mentioned either the Emancipation Proclamation or even the Gettysburg Address.

Regardless of all this, I cannot agree that these references demonstrate anything more than individual beliefs, rather than a demonstrative attempt to establish the United States as a Christian nation.

Keep writing; I shall keep reading.

Chuck Witt