Solar farm to create bright future

Published 4:54 pm Friday, May 12, 2017

Regardless of anyone’s individual feelings about fossil fuels, it is undeniable that our world must begin to diversify and look towards renewable energy sources.

Tuesday’s groundbreaking of East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s 60-acre solar farm along Interstate 64 is a great step in the right direction and shows progressive thinking by the energy company.

The first of its kind by EKPC, this project will install 32,300 solar panels that will create 8.5 megawatts of energy to supplement other sources. That may not be a massive influx of power, but it is certainly a start.

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The farm is a direct response to customers’ requests for renewable energy options here in the Commonwealth. Customers can purchase a $460 license which entitles them to a credit for the next 25 years based on how much energy their share of the solar farm generates.

EKPC is investing $17.7 million into the community and showing a commitment to doing the right thing for Winchester, for the state and for our planet.

The project is expected to be completed late this year.

Clark County is also home to Atalo Holding’s Hemp Research Campus, the company that is leading the state’s initiatives on developing agricultural hemp as a resource and a cash crop.

We have two environmentally friendly and forward-thinking renewable energy projects happening right here in our backyard.

This is an important story that we must tell others. People need to hear about the innovative things going on here.

Anyone thinking about locating their family or their business here needs to know that Clark County is positioning itself well for the 21st Century.

Projects like these will help position our region among the trendsetters, instead of simply being lost in the crowd of followers.

Much like the solar panels themselves, progressive ideas generate an electric sense of excitement that can energize the entire community.