Caldwell: Community input allows Sun to shine

Published 12:27 pm Monday, May 22, 2017

It was about six months ago that I asked a relatively simple question but one that always sparks some great, and often complex, answers: What do you want to see in your newspaper?

I received tremendous feedback from a variety of readers, truly a cross-section of demographics, that perfectly illustrated that a strong community newspaper means many things to many people.

We have tried to incorporate many of these suggestions into our vision of returning The Sun to its roots by having an almost singular focus on showcasing all the things going on in Winchester and Clark County.

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Good news? Check. Human interest stories? Got them. State news? For the most part. Public records. Bingo. School news? Affirmative. Youth sports? Ding ding. UK sports? Yep.

Now let’s strive for more.

These successes do not mean we are done or that it is time to celebrate.

Going from good to great is a never-ending process that is far more about the journey than it is about making it to some predetermined destination.

So, I will ask again: What do you want to see in your newspaper?

I welcome honest, thoughtful feedback of all kinds.

We certainly appreciate words of support and “attaboys” when we do things well. We absolutely want constructive criticism when we have fallen short of expectations.

I assure you, my staff and I are our harshest critics, constantly seeking to improve the newspaper.

To help guide the conversation a little and seek specific information, here are a few questions:

What type of news interests you the most?

What is the first thing you look at when you pick up the newspaper?

What are the three essential components that you feel the newspaper would not be the same without?

Do you look at the TV guidebook?

What are your favorite comic strips in The Sun? What are your least favorite?

Do you work the games and puzzles?

If you were in charge and could change one thing about the newspaper, what would it be?

Our ability to stay relevant and vital hinges upon our connection with our readers and our community.

At the end of the day, The Winchester Sun is your newspaper. We are blessed to simply be the stewards of storied tradition that we want to truly be a reflection of our community, shining the whole way.

Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Winchester Sun and Winchester Living magazine. He can be reached at (859) 759-0095 or by email at