Rest stop is great first impression

Published 10:53 am Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If the age-old adage “first impressions are everything,” is true, Clark County has little to worry about thanks to the hard work of crews at the Interstate 64 rest stop.

The employees were recognized Friday for their work as the rest stop received its second consecutive award for being the best maintained in the state.

The facility and the job of maintaining it is one that is probably often overlooked. Some may not even realize our community boasts such an impressive rest stop along I-64.

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Although maybe underrated, the rest stop and its condition could have a big impact on the perception of Clark County.

As Deputy State Highway Engineer Andy Barber said, a well-maintained facility could be the first and only impression travelers get of Winchester, Clark County or even Kentucky.

A clean, welcoming facility could improve the discussion about our community and potentially encourage repeat visitors — and it goes without saying, repeat visitors means repeat dollars spent

“In addition to making a good impression to travelers, rest areas contribute to the safety mission of the transportation cabinet by offering a clean, accessible safe haven for motorists and commercial drivers to recharge,” Barber said.

For more than 50 years, Clark County has been able to boast just that, with a rest area that offers access to food, water, picnic areas and space to walk pets.

According to an article published recently in USA Today, in some states, roadside rest stops are disappearing.

“Cash-strapped transportation agencies are shuttering the old ones to save money, or because they don’t attract enough traffic or are in such bad shape that renovating them is too costly,” the article states.

Thankfully, in Clark County this respite for tired drivers is in good hands, proving it is well-worth the investment.