Bike signs are good first step

Published 12:46 pm Thursday, June 1, 2017

Virtually no one would argue that infrastructure is a key component for growth and progress within a community; transportation may jump to the top of that list even in terms of critical needs.

Of course, a key component is our roads and highways that connect us all locally and with the world around us. Certainly river, rail and airport access are vital when looking at transportation on a global scale, something that is important in today’s economy where lines on a map have become all but irrelevant when operating at the speed of business.

However, we must not forget about the hyper-local elements of transportation that include quality sidewalks for walking, bicycle routes and public transportation.

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 Those are areas where Winchester has made some progress in recent years but certainly still has room to improve. The recent announcement that bicyclist signage went up across the county was welcome news.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has or will soon complete installation of 16 new signs on state roadways across Clark County in an effort to make motorists more aware of those on bicycles.

The signs feature the image of a bicycle, with a second sign beneath reminding drivers to “share the road.”

Believe it or not, bicycling and safe, established routes are important to a region’s quality of life and recreational offerings.

The Bluegrass Cycling Club hosts weekly rides along some of the routes where signage will be added, and the Walk-Bike Clark County organization is doing its part to get more people on the streets.

Their hope — and ours as well — is to get the city and the county involved in the project as well.

Now is also a perfect time to turn our focus to those other elements including good paved roads, accessible sidewalks that can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers as well as public transportation for those in need.

Signs and awareness are good first turn on a much longer route to make Clark County transportation friendly.