Please leave our history alone

Published 12:42 pm Thursday, June 1, 2017

What on earth is happening in our country? I have found it hard to believe that statue after statue of our country’s heritage and history is being taken down in the South. It seems that every week another statue is being taken down.

For example, I learned last week a monument of G. T. Beauregard in Louisiana was taken down. I read some of the things on Facebook about this happening and learned the statue had been on the National Register of Historic Places. The removal disgraced the people of Creole descent and he was one Louisiana’s first Civil War leaders. The people there were angry that such a thing had happened. I couldn’t help but agree with them.

Then, I heard a Robert E. Lee statue that has been removed. I, too, am upset.

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You see these statues were put there to immortalize fallen family members by veterans, family members and or the residents of these places. I do not doubt there were some who sacrificed to give to these statues within the communities they lived in.

What if someday someone decides they no longer want the Vietnam memorial? Who is to say if we do not stop this craziness now it could happen some day?

The reason I have heard is it might offend someone. Well frankly from what I am hearing, more people are being offended by the removal of these historical statues than their being kept where they were erected.

Wake up America! Why are we allowing our history to be destroyed or taken away or moved so no one sees them? How stupid is this?

These markers represented brave men who were brave enough to stand for something and were leaders. I am sure it was not easy when they put their lives in danger to stand for a cause they believed in at the time.

Whether you are black or white, these statues represent an era of United States history. Tell me why are we trying to change history all through the South? Do we have people who care nothing about our history? Whether you like the way that time in history was or not, it is still our history. I feel about history the way I feel about the Bible, not a jot or a tittle should be changed.

It may hurt to know at one time there was slavery in the United States but it happened and that fact will not change. Ever since Abraham Lincoln was president, slavery has not been allowed. That has been over a century ago. Unless you were an owner of a huge estate, from what I can gather life was hard for the white man back then also.

I can only imagine what our wise founding fathers must think of the stupid things being done in America today. When we are trying to take away our history, we are doing a great injustice to both people of color and people with white skin. History is history. Do not change it. What was is in the past!

We all need to go forward and be united in the same goal of doing our part in being the best American we can be for all of us! Red or yellow, black or white we are all precious in God’s sight. When we get to heaven, every color will be there.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native who grew up in the Kiddville area. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in First United Methodist Church, and her homemakers group, Towne and Country Homemakers.