County fair celebrates Americana

Published 3:22 pm Wednesday, June 14, 2017

From the whirling lights of carnival rides to the roaring engines of a classic demolition derby or the thrill of victory for 4-H winners, nothing personifies small-town America like the county fair.

These community staples serve many roles, often becoming part festival, part family reunion, part community showcase.

Even though it has been going for almost 70 years, unfortunately, some people miss that point when it comes to the Clark County Fair and those like it.

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The 8-day event isn’t just for farmers.

The county fair is about our community, fellowship and offering the region a good time — Central Kentucky style.

4-H groups from across the county will participate. Fairs and the 4-H programs that drive them teach youth countless lessons about responsibility, hard work, leadership, commitment, public speaking and much more.

The economic impact helps makes our communities better places to live.

More than 40,000 visitors are expected to attend this year. If each one of those people spends even $5 more with a Clark County farmer or merchant during the week, that is a significant impact on the local economy.

This year, one short of the milestone anniversary in 2018, is the perfect time to reflect on what the Clark County Fair means to the community.

County fairs connect us to one another and to our roots, reminding us where we came from.

Agriculture and the values instilled at county fairs are important parts of all our lives, whether we realize it or not.