County fair home economics winners named

Published 10:43 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The 2017 Clark County Fair was the showcase for more than 400 entries in the Home Economics Division this year.

The Grand Champion award went to Angela Hummel with her John Deere tractor made from recycled cans. The Reserve Champion was to Minda Pearson for her crewel embroidery.

Winners of the Coloring Book Contest were: Adult Division: 1st-Marian Sublette, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Michelle Walker; Youth Division (12-17): 1st-Radford Lopresti; Youth Division (12 and under): 1st-Julia Lopresti, 2nd-Emily Walker. Other winners include:

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Zucchini Bread: 1st-Denise Young, 2nd-Rita Daniels; White Yeast Bread: 1st-Denise Young, 3rd-Rita Daniels; Yeast Rolls:1st-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Rita Daniels; Other Yeast Bread: division grand champion and 1st- Franci Svoboda, 2nd-Sallie Evans, 3rd-Alex Wasson; Biscuits: 1st- Susan Prewitt, 2nd-Rita Daniels; Fruit Muffins: 1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Rita Daniels; Muffins: 1st-Marie Quick, 3rd-Rita Daniels; Sour Dough Bread: 2nd-Rita Daniels; Pound Cake:1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Rita Daniels; Chocolate Cake: 1st-Rita Daniels, 2nd-Alex Wasson; Other Cake: 2nd-Rita Daniels; Favorite Cake Recipe: 2nd-Rita Daniels; Jam Cake: 1st-Rita Daniels, 3rd-Susan Prewitt; Brownies: 1st-Rita Daniels, 2nd-Denise Young; Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1st-Julie Ullery, 2nd-Denise Young, 3rd-Alex Wasson; Sugar Cookies: 1st-Denise Young, 2nd-Rita Daniels; Peanut Butter Cookies: 1st-Amelia Jirak, 2nd-Rita Daniels; Other Cookies: 1st-Elizabeth Jirak, 2nd-Denise Young, 3rd-Julie Ullery; Oatmeal Cookies: 2nd-Rita Daniels, 3rd-Denise Young; Peanut Butter Fudge: division reserve champion and 1st-Barbara Wicker, 2nd-Rita Daniels; Chocolate Fudge: 1st-Rita Daniels, 2nd-Barbara Wicker; Other Candy: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Susan Prewitt; Pecan Pie: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Marie Quick; Apple Pie: 2nd-Michelle Walker; Other Pie: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Rita Daniels, Michelle Walker.


Peaches:1st-Claire Middleton, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Blackberries: 1st-Claire Middleton; Other Fruit: 1st-Joy Graham; Green Beans: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Tomatoes: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Rita Daniels, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Tomato Juice: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs; Soup Mix: 1st-Rita Daniels; Other Vegetable: 1st-Joy Graham; Spaghetti Sauce: 1st-Rita Daniels; Sweet Cucumber Relish: 1st-Rita Daniels; Bread & Butter Pickles: 1st-Rita Daniels, 2nd-Tracy Pesina, 3rd-Vinae Winn; Salsa: 1st-Rita Daniels, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Other Pickles: division reserve champion and 1st-Tracy Pesina, 2nd-Claire Middleton, 3rd-Sallie Evans; Other Relishes: 1st-Tracy Pesina; Chutney: 2nd-Rita Daniels; Other Preserves: 1st-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Apple Butter: 1st-Sarah Condley; Blackberry Jam: 3rd-Rita Daniels; Other Jam: 2nd-Rita Daniels; Grape Jelly: 3rd-Rita Daniels; Blackberry Jelly: 2nd- Tracy Pesina; Other Jelly: 1st-Carol Simmons, 2nd-Tracy Pesina; Honey: division grand champion and 1st-Tracy Pesina, 2nd-Claire Middleton; Peach Butter: 1st-Sarah Condley.

Garden and Produce

Bunch Beans: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Rick Hall, 3rd-Tracy Pesina; Pole Beans: 1st-Rick Hall; Beets: 1st-Eliana Svoboda; Cabbage: division grand champion and 1st-John Sparks, 2nd-Minda Pearson, 3rd-Tracy Pesina; Carrots: 1st- Leigh Davis; Cucumbers: 1st-Natalie Pesina, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs; Green Peppers: 1st-John Sparks; Green Onions: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Natalie Pesina, 3rd-Franci Svoboda; Potatoes: 1st-Tracy Pesina, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Natalie Pesina; Yellow Squash: 1st-John Sparks; Zucchini: 1st-Natalie Pesina, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs; 3rd-John Sparks; Asparagus: 1st-Joy Graham; Other Vegetables: 1st-Minda Pearson; 2nd-Tracy Pesina, 3rd-Franci Svoboda; Best Vegetable Exhibit: 1st-Tracy Pesina; Blueberries: 1st-Joy Graham, 2nd-Marie Quick, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Raspberries: 1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Red Tomatoes: 1st-Tracy Pesina; Green Tomatoes: 1st-John Sparks; Other Fruit: 1st-Sarah Condley; Red Rose: 1st-Tracy Pesina, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Pink Rose: 1st-Carol Price, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Dwarf Marigold: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs; Giant Marigold: 1st-Audeen Jacobs; Dwarf Zinnia: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Natalie Pesina, 3rd-Tracy Pesina; Giant Zinnia: 1st-Tracy Pesina, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Cut Sunflower: 1st-Tracy Pesina, 2nd- Natalie Pesina, 3rd-Alex Barnett; Lily: 1st-Glora Patrick, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Martha Long; Gladiola: 1st-Natalie Pesina, 2nd-Tracy Pesina, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Hanging Baskets: 1st-Tracy Pesina, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Potted Plants: 1st-Sue Lynch, 2nd-Vinae Winn, 3rd-Glora Patrick; Floral Arrangements: 1st-Leigh Davis, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Pam Hall; Fresh Cut Herbs: 1st-Franci Svoboda, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Pot of Herbs: 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Tracy Pesina; Miniature Cut Arrangement: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Other Miniature:1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Jerry Hamm; Other Cut Flowers: 1st-Pam Hall; 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Joy Graham; Cactus: 1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Nancy Wills; Flowering Bush: 1st-Marie Quick.

Handiwork/Heritage Skills

Lady’s Jacket: 1st-Julie Ullery; Child’s Dress: 1st-Betty Bonar; Painted Decorated Apparel: 2nd-Alex Barnett; Other Construction: 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Betty Bonar; Purses: 1st-Julie Ullery, 2nd-Joan Wise; Other Accessory: 1st-Julie Ullery, 2nd-Marie Quick; Pieced Quilt: 1st-Patricia Fraley, 2nd-Joan Wise; Other Quilt: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Joan Wise; Baby Quilt: 1st-Sarah Condley; Wall Hanging: 1st-Sherri Cummings, 2nd-Patricia Fraley, 3rd-Marie Quick; Knitted Articles: 1st-Debbie Hamon; Crocheted Afghans: 1st-Jae Alexander, 2nd-Betty Bonar, 3rd-Denise Young; Crocheted Articles: 2nd-Denise Young; Crewel Embroidery Needlework: division grand champion and 1st-Minda Pearson, 2nd-Jean Rose; Hand Embroidery Needlework: 1st-Betty Bonar; Quilted Pillows: 1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Joan Wise; Other Pillows: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Pearl Allen, 3rd-Carol Holsapple; 14 Count & Under Cross Stitch, Picture: 1st-Betty Bonar; 14 Count & Under Counted Cross Stitch, Picture: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Peggy Gibson; Other Holiday Decorations: 1st-Pearl Allen; Traditional Appalachian Baskets: 1st-Joy Graham; Basket with Added Color: 1st-Joy Graham; Basket with Lid: 1st-Nancy Wills; Other Basket: 1st-Carol Holsapple, 2nd-Joy Graham; Painted/Decorated Stool: 1st-Audeen Jacobs; Woodwork Made by Exhibitor: division reserve champion and 1st-Calvin Carpenter, 2nd-Daryl Ullery, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Woodwork Decorated by Exhibitor: 1st-Chloe Tipton, 2nd-Glora Patrick; Miscellaneous Heritage Skills: 1st-Pearl Allen, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Frances Hampton; Soft Sculpture Doll: 2nd-Pearl Allen; Other Doll: 1st-Betty Bonar; Non-Quilted Wall Hanging: 2nd-Frances Hampton; Wreaths: 1st-Pearl Allen, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Holiday Décor: 1st-Peggy Gibson; 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Ceramics: 1st-Peggy Gibson, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Rosa Charles; Recycled Art: division grand champion and 1st-Angela Hummel, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Glora Patrick; Miscellaneous Crafts: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Pearl Allen, 3rd-Joy Graham; Silk Flower Arrangement: 1st-Sarah Condley; Christmas Floral Arrangement: 1st-Nancy Wills; Other Holiday Floral Arrangement: 1st-Jean Rose; Beaded Jewelry: 1st-Jean Rose, 2nd-Pearl Allen, 3rd-Robyn Jones; Other Jewelry: 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Frances Hampton, 3rd-Daniel Thornberry; Painted Glassware: 1st-Betty Bonar; Miniature Miscellaneous Items: 1st- Daryl Ullery, 2nd-Alex Barnett.

Visual Arts

Painting–Oil, Landscape: 1st-Sue Lynch; Oil, Animals: 1st-Frances Hampton; Acrylic, Flower: 1st-Koda Brown; Acrylic, Landscape: division grand champion and 1st-Carol Simmons; Acrylic, Animals: 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Betty Bonar; Pen & Ink, Flower: 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Sallie Evans; Pen & Ink, Landscape: 1st-Frances Hampton; Pen & Ink, Still Life: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Betty Bonar; Pen & Ink, Buildings: 1st-Nancy Wills; Pencil, Flower: 1st-Carson Kovalic; Pencil, Landscape: 1st-Betty Bonar; Pastel, Flower: 1st-Sallie Evans; Pastel, Landscape: Betty Bonar; Water Color, Flower: 1st-Betty Bonar; Water Color, Landscape: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Alex Barnett; Water Color, Still Life: 1st-Koda Brown; Water Color, Animals: 1st-Dana McCall; Water Color, Buildings: 1st-Betty Bonar; Charcoal, Flower: 1st-Carson Kovalic; Mixed Media, Other: 1st-Carson Kovalic; Mixed Media, Landscape: 1st-Betty Bonar, 2nd-Sue Lynch; Other Media, Flower: 1st-Sallie Evans; Other Media, Animals: 1st-Carson Kovalic

Photography – Color Photo, Portraits: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Rachel Taylor, 3rd-Emily Wills Smith; Color Photo, Animals: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Rachel Taylor, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Color Photo, Pets: reserve grand champion and 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Alex Barnett; Color Photo, Landscape: 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Van Graham; Color Photo, 2 or more people: 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Koda Brown; Color Photo, Historical Places: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Emily Wills Smith, 3rd-Rchel Taylor; Color Photo, Flowers: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Frances Hampton, 3rd-Rachel Taylor; Color Photo, Children: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Rachel Taylor, 3rd-Frances Hampton; Color Photo, Clark County Historical Site: 1st-Rachel Taylor; Color Photo, Other: 1st-Van Graham, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Portrait: 1st-Alex Barnett, 2nd-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Animals: 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Glora Patrick; Black & White Photo, Pets: 1st-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Landscape: 1st-Marie Quick, 2nd-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, 2 or more people: 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Koda Brown; Black & White Photo, Historical Places: 1st-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Flowers: 1st-Rachel Taylor, 2nd-Marie Quick; Black & White Photo, Children: 1st-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Clark County Historical Sites: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Rachel Taylor; Black & White Photo, Other: 1st-Van Graham, 2nd-Marie Quick, 3rd-Rachel Taylor.


Glass or China Kitchen Item: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Betsy Fink, 3rd-Beth Shirley; Metal & Wood Kitchen Item: 1st-Carol Price, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Jerrie Hamm; Metal Kitchen Item: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Betsy Fink, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Wood Kitchen Item: 1st-Betsy Fink, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Beth Shirley; China Dish: 1st-Joan Wise, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Vinae Winn; Glass Dish: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs; Miscellaneous Small Item: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Betsy Fink, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Stools: 1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Betsy Fink; Chairs, Small: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Small Chest: 2nd-Betsy Fink and Jerrie Hamm; Clothing, Small Items: 1st-Betsy Fink, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Clothing, Large Items: 1st-Betsy Fink; Accessories: 1st-Betsy Fink, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Joan Wise; Jewelry: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Minda Pearson; Quilts or Coverlets: 1st-Joy Graham, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Betsy Fink; Pillowcases: 1st-Franci Svoboda, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Leather item: 1st-Beth Shirley, 2nd-TJ Svoboda, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Children’s Books: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Eliana Svoboda; Other Books: 1st-Dahlia Svoboda, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Dolls: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Dresser Scarves: 1st-Joan Wise, 2nd-Jean Rose, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Crocks: 1st-Beth Shirley, 2nd-Nancy Wills, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Pictures: 1st-Betsy Fink, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Toys: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Cast Iron: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Sarah Condley, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs; Vases: 1st-Betsy Fink, 2nd-Audeen Jacobs, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Tools: 1st-Audeen Jacobs, 2nd-Glora Patrick, 3rd-Nancy Wills; Clocks: 1st-Todd Svoboda; Shadowboxes: 1st-Nancy Wills; Documents: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Betsy Fink; Small Kitchen/Hand Towel: 1st-Joan Wise; Photographs: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Betty Bonar, 3rd-Sarah Condley; Postcards, Letters, Folders: 1st-Sarah Condley, 2nd-Franci Svoboda; Needlework: 2nd-Nancy Wills; Baskets: 1st-Jerrie Hamm, 2nd-Sarah Condley; Miscellaneous Household: 1st-Nancy Wills, 2nd-Rosa Charles, 3rd-Franci Svoboda; Other Miscellaneous: 1st-Beth Shirley, 2nd-Betsy Fink, 3rd-Audeen Jacobs.

Thanks to everyone for entering.