Saturday Reagan Dinner a success

Published 12:38 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017

By Will Collins

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Reagan Dinner on Saturday evening with the GOP of Clark County. We enjoyed some good food and good conversations as well as hearing from some fantastic speakers.

The president of the Kentucky Senate, Robert Stivers, was the keynote speaker of the evening. He spoke on various updates in our state and some ways in which the Bevin administration is tackling the issues.

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Sen. Stivers provided a look at current job growth in Kentucky, but more importantly, employment opportunities coming in the near future as we continue to grow with innovation, competing with other states in the market place. He ended the evening expressing what a great state we live in and how days to come will be brighter than ever before.

Some encouraging words from Rep. Donna Mayfield and Sen. Ralph Alvarado opened for the keynote speaker of the night. It’s such an awesome thing to know we have two individuals from Clark County that demonstrate a passion for our state and community. Their commitment to this region and its continued improvement is incredible and unmatched.

A true highlight for me was seeing Gardner Wagers receive the Pioneer Award for his many years of dedicated service to Winchester and Clark County. I have had the pleasure of knowing the Wagers family for a few years now and am proud to call them my friends, as they have been nothing but good to me. My congratulations go out to Mr. Wagers for an award well deserved.

Another important moment came when the president of the Clark County Republican Women’s Club, Shari Frasure, addressed the attendees of the Reagan Dinner. Her group is of vital importance to the GOP of our communities, as they promote more than simply electing Republican candidates.

The Clark County RWC advocates for conservative issues. They stay well informed of current needs and share this knowledge with us as well as keeping in contact with elected officials and GOP candidates. They connect with Republican women around Kentucky and America, learning as well as sharing best practices to lead us to greater heights.

On top of the political spectrum, the CCRWC are caring leaders in our community; they support our troops in multiple ways and are innovative in getting women involved as members of the National Federation of Republican Women, one of America’s largest grassroots movements.

I would encourage the ladies in our area to be a part of this important movement by joining and supporting the Clark County Republican Women’s Club. You can reach out to President Shari Frasure at with any questions.

Our night was a success. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great individuals who hold conservative values in high regard, values that are needed in our nation and our community. I was invited to homes and to businesses to discuss our future as well as to enjoy a good cup of coffee. What can I say other than I accept? Such opportunities make the U.S. a great place to be.

In closing this week, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss the various issues we face, to hash out our dissenting opinions or to share with each other some thoughts on the conservative way of life. It’s forward thinking as opposed to thinking backwards. It’s time we stop looking for the vicious evil that causes people to become victims when, in some cases, only the simple truth is needed.

From Frederick Douglass, “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.”