Can we keep focus on ties that bind us?

Published 2:57 pm Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of our great nation; patriotism and unity was probably at its highest point of the year.

Today, it is back to reality.

Political infighting divides our country at a national, state and, to a lesser degree, even a local level.

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Many people go back into their own little bubbles and focus on the things that make us different rather than the traits we all have in common. Our race, religion, ethnic background, socioeconomic status and other characteristics once again keep us apart.

America was founded on the principles of freedom and equality for all, not just those we agree with or with whom we share similarities.

The big question remains: What can we do to capture that spark of unity and carry it with us the other 364 days of the year?

Clearly it is much easier said than done and no one blatantly sets out to revert to closed-mindedness or a myopic approach to life.

All we can do is take a long, hard look in the mirror each day and challenge ourselves to be better, challenge ourselves to do more, challenge ourselves not to forget patriotism we feel when we come together as one nation.

Our nation will be better for it.

Yesterday, we celebrated the past. Today, we can reflect. Tomorrow, we can build a strong future that celebrates unity.