Tips for summer fun and water safety

Published 12:01 pm Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer time signals outdoor fun! Most of us love to play in pools or on Kentucky lakes to stay cool in those dog days of summer. It is important to keep our children safe any time they are around water. Safe Kids provides the following recommendations for water safety.

General water safety

— Always watch children in and around water. It only takes a very small amount of water for a young child to drown.

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— Use life jackets when in or near open bodies of water or when participating in water sports.

— Teach children water safety rules.

— Actively watch children when they are swimming. Don’t leave them even for a moment.

— Teach children to never swim alone.

— Don’t let children dive into water less than nine feet deep.

— Know that any kid can get into danger while in the water – even if he/she had swimming lessons or is wearing a life jacket.

For open water

— Make sure children wear US Coast Guard approved life jackets that are sized for the weight.

— Don’t let children dive into natural bodies of water.

— Don’t let children operate personal water craft, like jet skis. These are intended for only adult operation.

— Make sure children swim only in designated areas for swimming.

For pool areas

— Never leave a gate to a pool open.

— Teach children to stay away from pools and hot tubs.

— Use fences and other barriers to keep children away from pools when you are not around.

— Make sure children take swimming lessons when they are ready, usually after the age of four.

— Empty and turn over wading pools as soon as children are out of them.

— Use anti-entrapment devices in pools and hot tubs.

— Have a fence at least five feet high that separates the pool from the house and the yard. Have gates that close and latch automatically.

— Have alarms on every door and window that lead to the pool area.

Around the home

— Never leave the room when children are in the tub.

— Know that a baby bath seat or baby bath ring does not keep a baby or child from drowning.

— Empty and turn over water buckets as soon as you are done using them.

— Close toilet seats and keep door latches on bathroom doors in the home.

Information gathered from Safe Kids USA. For more information, call the Clark County Health Department at 744-4482 or visit