Local AARP chapter has June meeting

Published 10:59 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AARP Chapter 632 met Tuesday, June 27, at the James B. Allen Generations Center with Elizabeth Gay, president, presiding.

Twenty-eight members and guests were present: Betty Ballard, Joyce Barnes, Bill Burton, Celia Estes, Andre Everett, Glyness Everett, Ben Falmlen, Elizabeth Gay, James Gay, Lee Gay, Sheila Griffett, Jennifer Howard, Bonnie Johnson, Delores Jones, Colista Ledford, Charlotte Pasley, Wayne Pasley, Pauline Perdue, Ada Rash, Joyce Reffett, Rosemary Rice and granddaughter Emily, Mike Rowady, Bonnie Russell, Eugene Segura, Betty Ratliff Smith, Eric Staton, Sue Staton, Malcolm Stokely, and Frank Vermillion.

Following the pledge to the flag, Frank Vermillion gave the invocation. The group then enjoyed a potluck meal after which Jennifer Howard, home extension agent, presented the program. She talked about the importance of drinking eight glasses of water daily and gave everyone a water bottle.

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Joyce Barnes, treasurer, reported $329 in the bank and $65 in the kitty. Colista Ledford gave the secretary’s report, and Gay noted the chapter would hold a board meeting in July.

The next regular meeting will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 25, at the James B. Allen Generations Center. Guest speakers will be Debbie Fatkin (Community Service Center), Mark Ledford (Rector Hayden Realtors) and Stephanie Beckman (sales specialist, Everything But The House). Everyone 50 years of age or older is invited to attend.