Small groups can be catalyst for big change

Published 10:56 am Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Natural beauty abounds in Winchester, and a local grassroots group is dedicated to preserving and promoting that beauty.

Winchester Inspired by Nature, or WIN, is a recently-formed group with the mission of connecting the community with nature at the core.

While the group doesn’t plan to complete any large-scale projects itself, it serves as a catalyst for others who want to see nature preserved and the promoted — and the community beautified in the process.

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WIN’s focus is to help others plan and execute nature-related projects.

The group is hosting regular walks and non-strenuous hikes as an opportunity for people to come together and discuss what goals various people in the community would like to see accomplished — whether it be a community garden or trash pickups.

The group is also planning to schedule other informal opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors together, like a hike at Lower Howards Creek Nature Preserve, kayaking and other recreational activities.

WIN will soon begin an email newsletter with information about ongoing and upcoming community events and posts regular updates with information and project ideas.

WIN is a great representation of how an individual or small group can impact larger change. The few people involved directly with WIN can accomplish more by encouraging, teaching and leading others than they likely could by themselves.

Already the group has promoting cleaning up debris from fireworks, handed out “flower bombs” to promote native wildflowers in the area and will host their first walk at 7 p.m. Wednesday at The Path on Boonesboro Road.

Hopefully, WIN sees success in making Winchester and Clark County more “naturally beautiful.” Perhaps that success can be a springboard for other groups or individuals to promote positive change with their own passions in mind.