Betty Pace Artist of the Month reception Thursday

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Betty Pace has taught school, served as a guidance counselor and director of federal programs. She is a certified grant writer and grant reviewer for the US Department of Education. She currently serves as an educational administrative tribunal member in Kentucky. She was director of a Title I program that won national acclaim toward excellence in education for the state and US Department of Education for two consecutive years.

Betty is an award-winning, bestselling author of 13 children’s books: “My Dog Isaac,” “I went to see Grandma,” “Kentucky’s Abraham Lincoln,” “That Bossy Cat,” “Donald’s Dump Truck,” “I Miss My Dad,” “Donna’s Christmas Birthday,” “Abraham Lincoln,” “Clippety-Clop, Clippety-Clop,” “Two Little Rascals,” “Party in the Farmyard,” “Bully Trouble on the Double” and “Chris Gets Ear Tubes,” which is celebrating 30 years of publication.

She specializes in sensitive childhood issues and has published more than 150 articles and poems.

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Since retiring from the Clark County school system, Betty continues to write children’s books, poems and short stories, and attends festivals all over Kentucky and other states selling her books. She also has an interest in photography and captures the likeness of people, places and things throughout her travels.

Betty, and her son, Chris, co-authored a political book titled, “Republican National Convention” about their experiences attending the conventions and her “Democrat National Convention” book is in progress.

Kentucky artist, John L. Ward is known for his artistic talent and ability to capture on canvass the movements and expressions unique to his subject matter.

A self-taught artist, John paints in a variety of medium including oil, gouache and graphite. John began releasing prints in 1995.

His work is distributed through galleries, catalogs and gift shops. John has exhibited at many juried shows both on state and national levels.

Stop by and visit with Betty and John at the reception honoring Betty as Artist of the Month from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the Gallery on 18 W. Lexington Ave.