Letters to the Editor for July 17, 2017

Published 9:46 am Monday, July 17, 2017

Likes Sun changes, ready for in-depth news

I am encouraged by some of the changes I have seen in the Sun during the year and a half that I have lived here. The op-ed page, in particular, is looking more promising. It’s nice to see a local editorial on a daily basis. I have also noticed less state and world news and more local news. Lately I’ve noticed more human interest stories about Clark Countians. Bravo. I would encourage you to do even more of this kind of news. Also, I would like to see some investigative journalism.

I would like to see a bit more depth to some of your pieces. I am often left with questions after reading something I see in the Sun. In particular, I often see reports of meetings of local government agencies where decisions are reported with no follow-up questions from the reporter. A big part of the responsibility of the media is to be a government watchdog. If a zoning change is approved or rejected, I’d like to know why. If an ordinance is passed, I’d like to know what the ramifications are for my neighbors and me. That sort of thing.

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I understand that it can be challenging in today’s environment, for a small town paper to devote resources to providing more local content. I appreciate the strides your paper is making in this direction and would encourage you to continue the trend and take it as far as you possibly can.

The Sun is a valuable resource to Winchester and Clark County. For a town our size to still be supporting a daily newspaper is remarkable and something we shouldn’t take for granted. I subscribe to the paper and read it online and in print, although I could see most of what I’m interested in online for free. I support the Sun because I want to see it continue to thrive and help fulfill its role as a vanguard of the community.

Pete Koutoulas