Addressing traffic issues a must for Winchester

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beginning Aug. 7, drivers will have to hit the brakes at the intersection of Bullion Boulevard and Cross Brook Lane.

City officials are adding a four-way stop at the intersection after there have been several complaints.

The intersection is at the the top of a hill on Bullion, which runs parallel to Bypass Road between Walmart and Kroger Plaza.

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With other environmental factors, like vegetation and trees, city officials said vision can be a challenge for motorists.

There’s also nothing to slow traffic on Bullion which is a straight stretch of road with a hill. There is already a stop sign on Cross Brook Lane and signs will be added on Bullion.

We commend the Winchester Board of Commissioners for taking constituents concerns, addressing them and rectifying a potentially dangerous situation.

Hopefully, addressing this concern can be an opportunity for the city to look at other potentially dangerous intersections.

Concerns over the intersection of West Lexington Avenue and Carol Road have long been raised, and accidents are frequent, particularly turning left from Carol Road.

Some readers suggested a traffic light or even a right-turn-only designation.

Perhaps there is some other better solution.

While we think addressing the traffic concern at Bullion and Cross Brook was a positive move for the city, we encourage officials to also study carefully other areas of concern — anything to make the city a safer place to live and more easily traveled.