Dancing in Paris and other bucket list items

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, July 18, 2017

By Jean Brody

Lately I have heard a lot about bucket lists. These bucket lists belong to everyone closest to me and they’re totally serious.

They consist of everything each person wants to do before they die. Not only do they want to accomplish each of these things, they absolutely intend to do them.

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In fact, one thing I notice is nothing on the list would be impossible. This is the difference between someone young and healthy and someone who is 80 years old. Many 80-year-olds are already sedentary — no exercise, no interests beyond watching TV. Then, look at the bucket list belonging to an old person.

Now we should differentiate between dreams and wishes, and actually things that one would put on their list. Knowing your ability to travel is past and when you put, “Fly to Bali” down, you know you can’t do it.

Does this mean that old folks should not make a bucket list? I started to give the pat answer and say, “Well, if I can’t do it, then why write it?” But you know, this left a bad taste in my mouth. So I mulled on it and began to see that there are different kinds and sizes of buckets.

What do I love to taste of but rarely get now? There is a honey store in Salida, Colorado, where Gene and I lived before my coming to Littleton. Without a doubt, they have the best honey I’ve ever tasted.

1. Call them and have then send me a jar of their honey.

I love to read, but because of macular degeneration, I cannot see well enough to read. But when a friend of mine here had this same eye disease passed away, he willed me this very expensive machine to darken and enlarge letters. I have never learned to use it yet it is set up in my bedroom.

2. Learn to use this machine and begin reading a lot like I used to.

I love my family and they get together often. Since my pneumonia, I have only left this building one or two times. To go out, I have to fool with my walker, oxygen machine, pads and so forth, so it’s too hard to do.

3. Make the effort. They want me to come so I realize it’s worth the effort so go out more!

What about movies? It’s really difficult to go to a movie theater at night. But I have a DVD player and I found out I can rent movies of my choice and I watch them at home any time.

4. Do it! Rent movies I have seen and loved and enjoy them again.

The list goes on. These are things that are possible. But I feel led to tell you about my grandpa.

His wife died much before he did. In fact, at 80 years of age, he started dating this lovely 79-year-old lady. Both loved to ballroom dance more than anything, and eating out in fancy restaurants. He proposed one evening walking on the beach of Miami Beach. She accepted and, get this — one night before they married, Grandpa showed me his bucket list. On it was this: For their honeymoon he wanted to surprise her by flying the two of them to Paris to stay in the Napoleon Hotel and go dancing in their ballroom every night. He, with his bride, did exactly this and he checked it off his bucket list.

Now, I know this is an extreme example, but I just want to show you there are different kinds and shapes of this thing called a bucket list. Never stop dreaming. Never stop thinking of things to make your life more joyful from for a jar of special honey to dancing in Paris.

The view from the mountains is wondrous.