Property transfers for July 22-23, 2017

Published 8:01 am Saturday, July 22, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office July 10-14, 2017.

— Deatra Newell and William B. Newell to Ralonda J. Miller, 128 Second St., $1,500.

— Custom Kentucky Homes to David A. Treece and Kara L. Berg Treece, 279 Runnymeade Drive, $289,125.

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— Robyn Renae Richardson, Robyn Renae Garrett, V. James Craig Richardson and James Craig Richardson to Robyn Renae Richardson and Robyn Renae Garrett, 111 S. Bloomfield Road, master commissioner.

— Roger McCarty and Clare McCarty to Donathan E. McCarty, 270 Lakewood Lane, $120,000.

— Mark D. Sheffield and Patricia Gayle Sheffield to Stephen R. Riggs and Susan R. Riggs, 2510 Miller Hunt Road, $180,000.

— Steve Young and Melissa R. Millsap Young to Dillard B. Hoskins, 8 Hillcrest Drive, $119,500.

— Tammy Thomas Horn to Kevin Gilvin, 13771 Irvine Road, $35,000.

— Al Guang Zhu and Zhong Yuan Wu to Dan Wu, 301 Frontier Way, love and affection.

— Ran Gar Investments to Krista and Rodney Horning, 150 Jones Nursery Road, $58,750.

— Ran Gar Investments to Charles A. Vice and Julia A. Vice, 100 Jones Nursery Road, $58,750.

— Leonard Edwin Gilkison Jr., Leonard Gilkison Jr. IRA and Camaplan to Mary Ellen Stumbo, 270 Calloway-White Road, $230,000.

— Bobby L. Pasley and Betty L. Pasley to Gary L. Pasley, Bel Air Heights, love and affection.

— Penny Mac Loan Services, Kentucky Bank and John Lindall Williamson to DS&JV Properties, 301 Cabin Creek Heights, master commissioner sale, $93,000.

— Peggy T. Hall to Robert G. Turner and Marjorie J. Turner, 616 Reims Court, $155,000.

— Matthew C. Abner and Heather L. Abner to Vannak Team and Chenda Keo, 302 Ascot Circle, $178,000.

— Michael A. Wiseman to Marcus Shane Wiseman and Stephanie Nicole Wiseman, 3800 Ecton Road, $120,000.

— Leroy Mitchell and Frances H. Mitchell to Matthew Abner and Heather Abner, 105 Carter Drive, $255,000.

— Secretary of Veterans Affairs to T&J Associates, 1496 Log Lick Road, $46,159.

— Alex Finley, Alex R. Smiley and Kyle Finley to Timothy Robert Roseberry and Melinda Roseberry, 117 Calmes Blvd., $145,000.

— Earlene Dunn, Leonard Dunn and Earlene Dawson to Cassandra Hatton, 19 Watts Road, $94,000.

— Linda D. Tibbs to Duane Tibbs, 119 Kentucky St.

— R&S Rental Properties to Sunny Desert Corp., 201 E. Washington St., $48,000.

— Billy Dion Mullins to Edward E. Crews Sr. and Camilla E. Crews, 2131 Old Boonesboro Road, $287,000.

— Robert G. Turner and Marjorie J. Turner to Allan F. Hutchinson and Michelle D. Hutchinson, 1153 Lafayette Blvd., $245,000.

— Betty Arai to Alyssa Leilani Robertson, 214 Boone Ave., love and affection.

— Richard L. Otte Jr. and Misty Otte to William Garrett Henry and Jessica Henry, 415 Fairholme Way, $315,000.

— Visio Financial Services to Stone Horse Properties, 14 Euclid Ave., $38,500.

— William D. Conner and Ada P. Conner to Courtney Leola Long, 50 Holiday Circle, $99,000.

— James Christopher Sligh and Beth Ellen Sligh to Jery D. Noe and Gregory Noe, 3438 McClure Road, $370,000.

— James Boyd Wilburn to Jeff Brock, 35 Lincoln St., $8,500.

— Cristy Fallis, Cristy Johnson and Brian Fallis to Jennifer Thompson, 199 Prescott Lane, $169,500.