Court fund has big impact on community

Published 9:00 am Friday, August 4, 2017

A long-closed business continues to help local non-profit organizations make a positive impact on the community.

More than two dozen Clark County organizations submitted applications and requests for a portion of the $102,000 Clark County Fiscal Court Fund.

Last year, a dozen received almost $60,000 from the fund, which was formed by the proceeds from the sale of the Rockwell International building decades ago.

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In 2016, the allocations went to a host of worthy projects, ranging from $1,000 for the Martin Luther King Jr. committee to $10,000 for a new roof at Holly Rood historical home. The court can also use a portion of the fund for county projects, such as its debt service for the pool at College Park Gym.

We hope to see the entire list of 28 applicants made public and discussion held each and about the decision-making process.  This transparency will spark more organizations to participate and allow everyone to understand the vetting process.

This process will also give the public time to let their elected representatives on the fiscal court or the review committee know how they feel about specific projects or expenditures since this is, ultimately, public dollars being reinvested in the community.

It is tremendous that these monies go to make a positive impact in the community each year, often touching thousands of lives in ways big and small.