Get ready, parents! School is almost here

Published 9:36 am Saturday, August 5, 2017

School is less than two weeks away here in Clark County with the first day of classes slated for August 16.

Hopefully readers did not miss the special August 4 supplement to The Sun that provided lots of helpful information for parents gearing up for this big event including a basic calendar, information about some of the changes in the CCPS, some money-saving tips, healthy lunch ideas and a bus schedule.

Students may be the ones most impacted two Wednesdays from now but this homestretch will put quite a bit of burden on many parents as they work to get sleep schedules re-implemented, get school clothes ready for the new year, work out logistics with childcare and all the other things that go to toward helping children be successful.

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One thing they will not have to worry about is how to pay for school supplies and meals once classes are back in session.

Earlier this year the Clark County Board of Education took a huge progressive step forward by voting to expand free school meals for breakfast and lunch to the entire district rather than just the elementary schools.

In a separate move, the district opted to purchase all needed supplies for the beginning of the school year so parents would not be sent a list of acquisitions in the fall. The board also eliminated a host of fees for students who are participating in a variety of classes that require extra expense.

All of it this may not seem like a big deal to some people, but the reality is many families here in Clark County facing significant challenges providing these things. This move by the district goes a long way toward making public allocation truly free and helps eliminate some of the stigma that often comes with students receiving free lunch for not having the same quality of supplies as some of their peers.

These moves put the focus squarely on educational success of our students rather than all the extraneous distractions.

Our youth will be the ones who benefit.