Farm-to-table menu could be reconsidered next year

Published 9:00 am Friday, August 11, 2017

I concur with the editorial of Tuesday, Aug. 2, pertaining to the “Farm-to-Table” remarks. The crowd was great, it was super to talk with friends and neighbors and the servers did a fabulous job.

The liquid refreshments that were made available were also excellent. The appetizers, salad and generosity of local farmers were wonderful, and those who prepared said items should be congratulated.

The only difficulty, which many of my friends and neighbors shared with me, along with my sentiments, is that with all the available agricultural and livestock items, the serving of pork-belly should have been reconsidered. Nutrition wise, I do not think this was the best choice, as my meal consisted of mostly fat and very little meat. This also applied to others who were served. In addition, there are dietary matters to consider, as well as those of the Jewish faith, who do not typically eat pork.

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I have plans to attend, and possibly support, next year’s event, but I hope those who are in charge may reconsider the main meal. As I have stated, the lamb was excellent and this could be the main entree, which would be great, as well as possible chicken and other types of meat products.

Ben C. Koffman