Aug. 12 Property transfers

Published 9:00 am Saturday, August 12, 2017

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office July 24 through Aug. 4, 2017.

— D. Wilson Leath, Dalton Wilson Leath and Jennifer Leath to Otis P. Triplett and Donna F. Triplett, 24 Edgewood Drive, $190,000.

— Steven Bradley and Kimberlee Bradley to Garry England and Tiffany England, 25 Locust Drive, $93,900.

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— Allen L. Nevius, Anna M. Nevius and Anna M. Moberly to Anna M. Moberly, 111 Winterberry Circle, quitclaim.

— Harold T. Glover Jr. and Trudy B. Glover to Myra Reed, 316 Botts Circle, $141,500.

— Barbara J. Bolt to Robert W. Grizzle and Sherrie L. Grizzle, 32 Mahan Court, $174,900.

— Robert G. Shearer to Jefferey M. Alkenbrack, 16 A St., $124,500.

— Phillips Inc. to Roxana Walden, 38 French Ave., $130,500.

— Tamara Barron and Tamara L. Bellamy to Tamara L. Bellamy and Richard Darren Bellamy, 267 S. Main St., quitclaim.

— David C. Wade to Donald Pace Jr. and Sheyenne Pace, 249 Mutual Ave., $53,500.

— Michael P. Crawford to David Boston Vanbebber and Angela Kaye Vanbebber, 2540 Old Ruckerville Road, $171,000.

— Jakob Kristoffer Wendesten and Shana L. Wendesten to Kimberly Arvin, 16 Euclid Ave., $133,000.

— Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christina Trust to Thomas L. Watkins and Belinda A. Watkins, 3115 Clintonville Road, $249,000.

— Roy D. Haggard Jr. and Suzanne B. Haggard to Commonwealth of Kentucky and Department of Highways, property along KY 974, $4,074.

— Warren Scott Satterwhite and Teresa Lee Satterwhite to Commonwealth of Kentucky and Department of Highways, property along KY 974 $4,350.

— Ronald J. Osborne Jr. and Gloria M. Osborne to Stephen T. Moffett and Whitney M. Moffett, 215 Hampton Ave., $160,000.

— Gerald K. Johnson and Robbin Johnson to Gerald Johnson, 138 Hawthorne Drive, $39,000.

— Frances A. Tylavsky to Clark County, property on Athens Boonesboro Road, love and affection.

— Daniel E. Foushee and Jacqueline A. Foushee to Tim Rouse and Amy Marie Rouse, 18 Cardinal Lane, $190,000.

— Debbie Spencer Davis to Noll Davis, 207 Beaumont Place, quitclaim.

— Walter R Stephens to James C. Sligh and Beth E. Sligh, 340 Primrose Lane, $160,000.

— Edith Thacker to Kelly Lynn Twist and Joshua Dwayne Hall, 244 Geronimo Court, $100,000.

— David L. Shadbourne and Cynthia Lynn Shadbourne to Randy Jay Thomas and Sheila Ann Thomas, 1875 Ecton Road, $380,000.

— Sara Dunn, Sara T. Preston and Samuel Dunn to Brittany L. Jarvis, Donna E. Conkwright and James A. Conkwright, 233 Prescott Lane, $152,000.

— JPMorgan Chase Bank, David M. Johnson, Debra Lee Rushford and Debra Lee Johnson to Ran Gar Investments, 2585 Iron Works Road, master commissioner sale, $96,668.

— Warren Colebank and Rachell Ann Colebank to Sara Preston Dunn and Samuel Wiley Dunn, 114 Dorset Lane, $220,000.

— Selene Finance to William D. Stamper and Shirley P. Stamper, 117 Cook Ave., $6,000.

— Shannon Stone to Keisha L. Compton, 409 Wellington Way, $208,000.

— April Johnson to Erika Bruner, 355 Old Log Lick Road, $208,000.

— Elsie C. Stanfield to Nena D. Honaker and Michael T. Honaker, 229 Pendleton St., love and affection.

– Paula J. Hudson to James R. Barrier and Nancy H. Barrier, 130 Lettie Lane and 470 Water Works Road, $63,000.

— Traditional Bank, Ron P. Handshoe, Amy E. Handshoe, Clark County and Town Square Bank to Vision Builders and Contracting, 127 Woodford Drive, master commissioner sale, $180,000.

— Treehaven II to Billy C. Christopher estate, 210 Hickory Lane, $11,839.

— Carol Eades Holsapple revocable living trust to Michael W. Williams and Michelle M. Williams, $140,000.

— Mitchell G. Roe and Kathy C. Roe to Darren Scott Diguette and Brittin S. Diguette, 103 Pintail Lane, $310,000.

— Mary Katherine Young to Taylor Arnett III and Stephanie Marie Arnett, 32 Hiawatha Trail, $61,798.

— Robert Tipton estate, Alyssa Allie Breanna Tipton and Ike Patrick Isaiah Tipton to Joshua Larue Fawns and Samantha Ann Fawns, 202 Lamond Ruelle, $125,000.

— US Bank to Sharon Renee Gonzalez and Vinnie Gonzales, 269 Winn Ave., $19,005.

— Earl Hohman and Margaret Hohman to Winchester Retirement Place, 117 Sir Edward Court, $120,000.

— DCGBK Rental Property to Roberts Property Management, 1422 W. Lexington Ave., $158,000.

— Everett Curry, Nelson Curry and Elizabeth Curry to Elsie I. Curry, 600 Judy Pike, love and affection.

— Elsie I. Curry, Nelson Curry and Elizabeth Curry to Everett Curry, 325 Judy Pike, love and affection.

— Elsie I. Curry and Everett Curry to Nelson Curry, property on Judy Pike, love and affection.

— Bradley Place Inc. to Bobby D. Haddix and Deanna G. Haddix, 216 Connie Lane, $132,500.

— Carlean Heffner as executor of Lois Oliver estate to Nancy Seale, Mutual Avenue and Sterling Street, distribution of will.

— Nancy Seale to Olivers LLC, 260 Mutual Ave., 270 Mount Sterling Road and 275 Sterling St., interest and title.

— Kentucky Housing Corporation, Christopher Brown and Megan Brown to Kentucky Housing Corporation, 3910 Pine Ridge Road, master commissioner sale, $94,010.

— Central Bank and Trust, Spen Lin LLC, Michael Gibson, Elaine Bentley, Eula S. Rodriguez, Rachel Larragoitia, Morris Branham Jr. and unknown to Central Bank and Trust, 2 S. Burns Ave., master commissioner sale, $24,000.

— Florence Asher and Florence Muncy to Randall P. Robinson and Carolyn D. Robinson, 133 Buckingham Lane, $180,000.

— Stephen R. Riggs and Susan Riggs to Eric Kazee, 123 Albany Lane, $182,000.

— Larry W. Mitchell Jr. and Rosetta Mitchell to Robert L. Stanton, 608 Reims Drive, $182,500.

— Joshua Sturgill to James Earl McFarland III, 404 Jameson Way, 96,000.

— Shaneka Skinner, Shaneka Shelton, Eric shelton and Joanna Skinner to William Christopher McCaffery and Debbie Lynn McCaffery, 428 W. Washington St., $30,000.

— Nelson Curry and Elizabeth Curry to Nelson Curry and Elizabeth Curry, 450 Judy Pike, love and affection.

— Kristi M. Collins to Shawn Abram Todd and Crystal Lee Todd, 327 Frontier Way, $206,000.

— TGF Properties to Timothy Prewitt and Kristin Prewitt, 724 Terry Drive, $145,900.

— Robert R. O’Grady and Joanne C. O’Grady to Michael Frasure and Allison Frasuer, 229 E. Broadway St., $155,000.

— BB&T To Kentucky Development Partners, 206 Calmes Blvd., $88,500.

— Herbert H. Cravens III and Lisa G. Cravens to Herbert H. Cravens III and Lisa G. Cravens, 107 Yucca Court, quitclaim.

— Ran Gar Investments to Michelle Marie Allen and Michelle Marie Tomsik, 6278 Irvine Road, $139,900.

— Roni Dawn Richardson to William W. reese, 2 Nunnelly Court, $75,000.

— Tavner Alexander Dunlap and Victoria F. Dunlap to Sarah Jordan Dunlap Walsh, 401 and 403 Cricket Lane, division of estate.

— Sarah Jordan Dunlap Walsh and Christopher Joseph Walsh IV to D&G Holdings, 401 and 403 Cricket Lane, $150,000