Haircuts can help start school year on good note

Published 9:00 am Saturday, August 12, 2017

If the age-old adage, “first impressions are everything,” is true, then it’s easy to understand how important looking your best is on the first day of school.

Many can probably still recall the feelings of excitement and nervousness that revolved around returning to school each year.

There’s the twinge of fear as students embark on a new year of more difficult classroom work, a new teacher, different classmates and possibly a new school. It helps to show up feeling your best, and for many, that is accomplished with new school clothes, a backpack of fresh supplies and a new haircut.

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Unfortunately, many students are not able to afford these luxuries that make returning to school a little less stressful.

Thankfully, Clark County has traditionally risen to the occasion when it comes to providing these things.

The school district in paying for supplies and students received additional supplies and new backpacks at the back-to-school Readiest in July.

This week, the College for Technical Education cosmetology school on Bypass Road has been providing free hair cuts for all students.

For a couple hours Thursday and Friday any school-age child was able to receive a free haircut from the students training at the school.

For several years, CTE has been offering this mutually-beneficial community outreach.

Not only do students get a fresh cut before school returns, the CTE students get valuable experience cutting real hair for clients. While the school is open to customers Monday through Friday, this free-cuts program offers an opportunity for students to learn hands-on and also on a client base they may not typically see.

CTE celebrated its fifth year in Winchester-Clark County this summer and we are thankful for not only the quality education it offers budding cosmetologists from Winchester and surrounding communities, but for the dedication the school has to giving back to the community — the program is a win for all involved.