Winchester pauses to experience the ‘Great American Eclipse’

Published 8:26 am Tuesday, August 22, 2017

With faces to the sky, dozens gathered on The Green at Bluegrass Community and Technical College Monday afternoon to witness the Great American Eclipse.

The college gave out solar glasses to those in attendance for safe viewing of the event and served Moon Pies, Sun Chips, Star Crunch and Eclipse gum in keeping with the theme.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the moon moved in front of the sun covering it almost entirely, leaving only a sliver of the star showing.

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As the eclipse slowly reached its zenith in Winchester of 95 percent coverage, the area became slightly darker with yellow light.

Some of the eclipse viewers found the event interesting, continuing to watch the celestial bodies after the point of most coverage. Others said they found it disappointing, with one student in the crowd describing it as “underwhelming.”

The next total solar eclipse visible from the  U.S. will happen April 8, 2024.

Following the eclipse we asked readers what they thought about the event and whether or not it lived up to the hype.

Here is what they had to say:

Ivy Planck: Where I was, there was 95 percent coverage. To me, it’s fascinating what 5 percent of our sun can do. I feel incredibly lucky I was able to experience it.

Sandra Willoughby: The hype made it sound like the eclipse was something that doesn’t happen often when, in fact, it was the fact that the path of totality went from west to east coast in the US and that is what is unusual. The darkening of the sky and cooling of the temperature was neat to experience and maybe in 2024, I can go where it will be total and see the night sky during the day.

Christian Puckett: I also tried Jimmy Johns for the first time while watching the eclipse. I was more impressed by my sandwich.

Bridgett Hettich: I wasn’t expecting a huge difference. Was great for me. My daughter got to see it, got some cool pictures and didn’t spend a lot of money so I am happy.

Jennifer Bellamy Turley: I, too, thought it would have been darker, but I loved it!!

Teresa Mynear Hardy: My husband, grandson and I watched it. Even the neighbor came over to have a look through our glasses. Great science lesson!

Debbie Lewis: Amazing what a difference just a sliver of sunlight makes.

Denise Cornett Justice: Yes, it was so exciting to watch!

Susan Noble: I thought it was a thrilling opportunity to witness one of God’s awesome wonders.

Rebecca Cantrell: Traveled to Tennessee with my family to watch and got to experience totality. Super cool!