Brittany became a star!

Published 9:00 am Thursday, August 24, 2017

By Sue Staton

I could not help but wonder as Brittany Cartwright walked past her childhood home on Sandra Drive in Winchester about all the memories that must have been flooding her mind.

Though she was still small when she left this street, she never forgot it. She even looked for the swing set in the back yard where she used to sit and dream of the future.

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Her present status of having her own spinoff of the “Vanderpump Rules” television show and living in Hollywood for the past three years, I feel sure, never once entered her little mind.

I don’t think anything could have prepared her for the whirlwind of events that has taken place in her life.

As she and I talked this week, she told me she felt she had been blessed with a wonderful childhood as she grew up in Winchester and played on her grandparents’, Peggy and Clarence Turner’s, farm.

I interviewed her this week and would like to share some of Brittany’s comments.

She made a surprise visit on Sunday to be there for a baby shower for her brother and sister-in-law, Wes and Melisha Cartwright. She and her boyfriend, Jax Taylor, helped Wes and Melisha’s dream of being parents become a reality for them this time last year when they helped to fund the in-vitro fertilization they would need to be able to conceive a child.

The whole room was in shock as Brittany showed up Sunday. None of them more so than her mom.

Her mom, Sherri, and I were in conversation, when I saw a look of shock cross her face as she screamed, “There’s Brittany!”

I asked Brittany what it meant for her to be back home in Kentucky this week. Her answer was, “to surprise the family because I miss them so much.”

When asked what she misses the most when she is in Hollywood, she quickly said, “Momma! Daddy and the rest of the family, too.” She also has a sister, Tiffany, who is a few years older.

It was easy to see the closeness she and her mom share.

When I asked what food she missed the most her reply was “all of it!”

Brittany said when she is in Hollywood she finds herself shocked at all the different cultures she sees. She always liked to travel and she always enjoyed seeing different types of people and the cultures. She also said there is always something to do.

Although she has learned a lot over the last three years, Brittany said most of all, “I learned how strong I really am.” It was then that her momma intervened and told me about how Brittany left for Hollywood with a GPS to guide her and for three days drove herself to California. She nearly gave her mom a heart attack during that time until she knew she had arrived.

What I have gathered from Brittany is when she makes her mind up to do something, she does it. Spontaneity in her answers amazed me and when I remarked about it, she laughed and said, “I guess being in those pageants helped me.”

After all, one should have expected Brittany to reach stardom. Being on stage and in the public eye is really not new for her. She was Miss Clark County Teen, Miss Clark County, a cheerleader at George Rogers Clark High School and a cheerleader in college at Eastern Kentucky University.

Her beauty not only is eye catching but seems to come from within.

I mentioned to her that Lisa Vanderpump of Vanderpump Rules seems to really think a lot of her, are the feelings mutual?

Her answer was, “Yes, I love her! She is one of the classiest ladies ever. She loves animals and so do I, she has done so much for animals and I hope some day to be able to do some charitable work also.”

The question whether she and Jax would have a future together was strictly off record for Brittany and could be a yes, no or maybe, and we will all have to wait to see on that one.

Brittany has appeared on the Andy Cohen show and traveled to places she could only dream of three years ago. I mentioned to her it seemed like everyone seems to really like and respect Brittany. I could not help but mention the little brother of one of the cast members when Andy asked him to say something about all the cast members he answered matter of factly and most were not too favorable as he picked out their bad qualities, when he asked him about Brittany the little boy said, “Brittany, oh she is perfect!”

I was so proud of my little neighbor and could not help but smile.

She enjoys working also at Sur and has met many famous stars while in Hollywood. I was agape at all the famous people she has had the opportunity to meet. She did say now that she is so recognizable, it is harder to go places.

It is always a joy for her to be back in Kentucky. The job of stardom is hard, but she loves it.

When I asked her how excited she was to have her own spin off, she said, “I am so excited. I have been on the show just two years and I got my own television show.”

Brittany’s being in Hollywood all came about from a chance encounter with a guy named Jax Taylor whom she first met with a friend of hers while in Vegas. She even took a picture for her friend with him who recognized him from the show. Brittany did not have any idea who he was.

She never thought much about it and the next time she was in Vegas, she met him again and he fell for her beauty and the two became a couple.

Brittany was introduced to Lisa Vanderpump and the part Brittany plays on the show fell in place. Brittany has made her own way since that day.

I can imagine the surprise she felt when she was told a year ago film crews would be coming to her grandmother’s farm and at her mom’s house and filming “Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky.” Winchester and other notable places in the state will be featured as well as some of the local people. I am so excited to get to go to a previewing of the show this week and watch our little hometown girl take the spotlight again.

I asked Brittany if she had to give final words what would they be.

“Follow your dreams,” she said. “Take chances. If an opportunity arises, go for it!”

I think she surely lived up to those words and is glad she did. One thing I have to say is, she has not let Hollywood change her. She is the same, sweet girl as she was three years ago, and has not forgotten who she is or where she came from. I wish her the very best.

Sue Staton is a Clark County native who grew up in the Kiddville area. She is a wife, mother and grandmother who is active in her church, First United Methodist Church, and her homemakers group, Towne and Country Homemakers.