Kentucky Bank taking money donations for flood victims

Published 4:29 pm Thursday, August 31, 2017

As flood waters continue to devastate the residents of Houston, Texas, Kentucky Bank is starting a fund to help deliver much needed supplies to those affected.

According to Market President Darryl Terry, the bank has started a secure fund to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Anyone can visit any of the Kentucky Bank locations in Central Kentucky, including the Winchester branch, and deposit money into the account by speaking with a teller.

“We have done things like this in the past when there have been tragedies or natural disasters,” Terry said. “We did it to help recovery efforts after tornadoes hit West Liberty in 2012. We typically do it for local and state emergencies, but the scope of Hurricane Harvey is so large it’s all hands on deck.”

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Terry said all of the money collected by the bank will be sent directly to the American Red Cross, which will use the funds as needed to complete its mission of helping victims of the hurricane.

“Just go to the teller and let them know you want to make a deposit for the Hurricane Harvey fund,” Terry said.

According to the Associated Press, floodwaters from the hurricane finally began to recede Wednesday afternoon as the storm’s clouds began to thin.

So far, the confirmed death toll in the region is at 21 people, but authorities in the area have said the number is expected to rise.

Thousands more have been displaced after evacuating their homes to flee rising waters.

Harvey brought a record-setting amount of rainfall to the region in addition to 45 mph winds.

But while water levels are beginning to drop, authorities say thousands of homes in and around Houston could remain swamped for days.

About 13,000 people have been rescued from the Houston area, and another 17,000 have taken refuge in Texas Shelters. With water anticipated to remain in the region for days, those numbers are expected to increase, the AP reported.